A Promise Delivered


In what felt like it took forever, I finally killed Heroic Archimonde and got my moose mount. As per usual, it happened in thrilling fashion as it was to be our final attempt of the evening. What is it about those final attempts that spark people into action anyway? Oh, and to Khadgar – seriously dude, what part of “stack with the group” don’t you understand? Mages, I tell ya.

And with that, I can officially stop giving a shit about Warlords of Draenor. Without a doubt, this was my least favorite expansion. I can sum up my experience with Warlords of Draenor as a sea of missed opportunities and zero regrets. There’s a lot I didn’t do, and I’m truly ok with it.

Now, if I can just get an invite to test Legion. I really want to get my batteries recharged here.

Legion Hunting Lodge First Look

YouTuber Song Zee post what looks to be an early data-mined looked at the Hunter Class Hall coming in Legion. It’s beautifully rustic and serene. The architecture is Elven and is similar to the Hunting Lodge is Loch Modan.

This should by no means be considered the final product, as things tend to change in Alpha/Beta, but this is an excellent first iteration.

Podcast Wrap-Up

What a great sendoff! The guests, the listeners, it was all amazing. In all we recorded 5 and a 1/2 hours of show and postshow, and I will push all of it to iTunes. What I’m going to do is break the main show into four one hour parts, and then I’ll keep the post show in it’s entirety. My hope is to start working on this today.

While I wait for the files to download, I wanted to express my thanks to Michele Morrow, RogerBrown, Crithto, Matt Mercer, Banya, Zeherah, BigRedKitty, and of course to Frostheim, Euripides, Arth, Alisaunder, and Synthparadox. Episode 200 was by far the biggest and best show we’ve ever done. We went out on top.

Okay, that’s enough gushing. It’s backing to playing to WoW. A lot has been happening. You know that guild that Euripides and I started? Well, I’ve pulled Darkbrew from it. I’ve moved him into a guild where I can raid. We just cleared SoO normal and have started heroics. I’ve also leveled a couple of new Hunters. I’ll write about all of this in the coming days and weeks.

Well, the files are downloaded, and I’ve got some editing to do.

Stay thirsty my friends, and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager.

Podcast Week: The Drinking Game

We’ve always been a Dwarf friendly podcast, and if there’s one thing Dwarfs are good at it’s drinking. It’s only fitting that the podcast have a drinking game. Now the game wasn’t conceived by us. Long-time listener Bozanimal came up with the rules. Bozanimal no longer plays WoW, but as the years have gone by we’ve attempted to the keep the rules up to date. This latest incarnation has some nice additions from Arth.

My pints are cooling in the fridge are yours? See you all tomorrow!

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game!
Note that “If” is a one-time only drink. “Whenever” is a drink for EACH occurrence.


  • Whenever a host screws up/ misses their line(s) and/or is reminded by a co-host
  • Whenever a host complains about Hunter PvP
  • Whenever a host says, “Darkbrew Lager” (Darkbrew alone doesn’t count)
  • Whenever technical issues of any type occur
  • Whenever a show host is interrupted by real-life for any reason (e.g. kids, internet connection, girlfriend, fire)
  • Whenever a listener uses the word, “viable” or “optimal” in their question
  • Whenever a listener username is read that pokes fun at a show host
  • Whenever a question or reader email is answered by the chatroom rather than a host


  • …for each HPP running gag: Frostheim’s hairy wrists, Canadian jokes, Euripides’ hot sister, Feral Druids, Darkbrew’s Amazing Rare Spawn Tames, How OP Warlocks are, and Sporebats
  • If the show ends on time (impossible for this episode).
  • If the Auction House is referred to as the meta-game.
  • If you clear the mailbox of reader questions within the regular show time
  • If all the show hosts remain connected until the break
  • If all the show hosts remain connected from intro to outtro
  • If all five show hosts are in attendance (Darkbrew, Frost, Euripides, Arth, Alisaunder)
  • If Frostheim makes someone notably uncomfortable (e.g. “I’d totally tame you, Dawn!”)
  • If Euripides is accused of having certain inappropriate feelings towards Feral Druids
  • If anyone refers to the show notes during the show (e.g. “I’m just reading what’s in the show notes.”)


  • If a news announcement includes a new in-game item, NPC, or achievement named after a hunter community member
  • If a real-life injury is sustained by a show host during the show, including the break
  • If you realize that the show is not being recorded
  • If your question or email are read-aloud on the show (listeners only)
  • If Darkbrew is given half the crap Frostheim and Euripides give one another

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game (Ep. 200 Addendum)!


  • Whenever Michele talks about out-drinking Frost (limit 3)
  • Whenever BRK talks about how it was “in his day” (limit 3)
  • Whenever Arth mentions Pet Tanking (limit 3)
  • Whenever Frostheim says “Semi-colon however comma” or enunciates punctuation in a similar manner (limit 3)
  • Whenever Euri talks about being a train conductor (limit 3). Add a second swig if moose are mentioned in the anecdote by any host.
  • Whenever Alisaunder shoehorns lore into a topic having nothing to do with lore (limit 3)
  • Whenever Zeherah corrects us with actual math (limit 3)

HPP 200 Details (Courtesy of the WHU)

I didn’t have time to prepare anything for today, so I’m totally stealing THIS post from the WHU. Wouldn’t be the first time, but sadly, it’s probably the last. Thanks Arth!




This Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, 2PM EST.

In alphabetical order…

Alisaunder: Long-time moderator of the Hunting Party Podcast (HPP), Ali’s technical expertise along with her knowledge of hunters and WoW lore has made her an excellent co-host who helps ensure that each show flows smoothly.

Arth: A frequent guest blogger on the Warcraft Hunter’s Union until Frostheim’s retirement, at which point Arth took over as lead blogger. He is also currently a host of the HPP. He originally made a name for himself in the hunter world with a series of pet tanking accomplishments, where he tanked several heroic dungeons and raid bosses throughout Wrath and Cata, including the world first pet tanking of Sindragosa. Arth also led the WHU all-hunter raids in Cataclysm.

BigRedKitty: Often referred to as the father (or grandfather!) of hunter bloggers, BRK was perhaps the biggest name in hunter and WoW blogging for much of vanilla, BC, and into Wrath. He is also credited with starting one of the first successful WoW podcasts, which he hosted himself.

Darkbrew: One of the original hosts of the HPP, and the only to be a host for its full tenure. He runs The Brewhall website, and has an in-game drink named after him – Darkbrew Lager – that has been incorporated into his website since its inception.

Euripides: One of the original hosts of the HPP, Euripides used to run the website OutDPS. He was also a blogger for WoW Insider, primarily on the WoW economy and auction house, and briefly hosted the Call to Auction podcast that focused on the auction house in WoW.

Frostheim: Creator of the Warcraft Hunters Union, Frostheim also wrote the Scattered Shots hunter column on WoW Insider for many years, and was a frequent guest and eventual host on the HPP. Frostheim is also the creator of the WHU all-dwarven-hunter guild, whose events and achievements are the stuff of legend.

Michele Morrow: Actress and gamer, Michele has her hand in numerous creative projects in movies, TV, online blogging and gaming. She is a frequent guest of the podcast.

Zeherah: A staple of the theorycrafting community, Zeherah is the creator of femaledwarf.com, a website that acts as a comprehensive tool for calculating dps based off of different gear, spec, rotations, and character settings. Her work has helped legions of hunters maximize their dps. She was also the guest on the very first Hunting Party Podcast, and at 9 appearances is the podcast’s most frequent guest.

Others?: As many as four other guests may make cameo appearances, including a mix of past podcast guests and a couple who have worked directly with WoW for Blizzard. Though at present I can’t confirm any of them, it’s likely we’ll see at least a couple surprises.

In-Game Event
Icecrown Server. We’ll begin gathering at 1PM EST, an hour before the show starts (11am Icecrown server time). Meetup place is at Kharanos, which is close enough to the dwarven starting zone that if you don’t have a toon in the WHU Guild, you can make one and run there.

For the most part, we’ll just be having fun…BSing and partying and chatting. Bring your fireworks, your brew kegs, your toys, etc.

HOWEVER. If we get enough people with max-level, geared toons, including cross-server hunters, we may organize a group to go kill something later during the podcast. No promises here; we’re playing it by ear. But be ready.

Podcast Week: Our Wonderful Guests

Once of the great joys of doing this podcast was getting the opportunity to speak with some of the great minds, talents and personalities in the Hunter community. If I have one regret, it’s that we didn’t have more guests on the show.

We had 64 shows with guest appearances, and 34 distinct guests. Zeherah was our first guest, and she was also our most frequent guest, making nine appearances. Michele Morrow was right behind her with eight appearances, and BigRedKitty was right up there with seven.

There isn’t enough time to write about all of our guests, but I did want to share a few of my favorite memories and moments.


We loved theorycrafting. Not only did we have a great theorycrafter on board in Frost, but the Hunter community was filled some great ones. These number crunching shows were some of my favorites.

Zeherah – If you’re a Hunter and you don’t use female dwarf, it may be time to abandon your pets and turn in your license. Zeherah was a great guest and she always brought a lot to the table. In Cataclysm Blizzard acknowledged her work with Zeherah’s Dragonskull Crown. While she was honored, she was quick to point out it was loaded with Hit and Mastery, hardly the ideal stats.

AskMrRobot – These guys made three appearances on our show. Their first appearance was on episode 93, which also included Zeherah. In those days, we had to actually press a record button to capture the audio. Poor Euripides forgot to do this and didn’t realize it until the show was over. This episode was broadcast live only. Thankfully they were gracious enough to return to the show two more times.

World Class Raiders

Munken – Back in the early days of Wrath, Ensidia was the top guild garnering many world firsts. Munken was one of their Hunters and the first top-flight raider we interviewed.

Kripparian – Kripp hit our radar after an article mentioning that he had the highest DPS parses in the game, and that he had completed every achievement in WoW. We brought him on to discuss that and other Hunter stuff. The big takeaway from this appearance was the notion of Cooldown stacking. High-end raiders knew to do this, but it was not quite mainstream. We hoped to change that.

Kruf – As Wrath of the Lich King progressed, Dream Paragon moved into the top spot for world firsts. We interviewed Kruf after they defeated the Lich King on heroic. He was a great guest, and made five appearances before leaving the game.

RogerBrown – Roger made three appearances on the show, starting late in Cataclysm as Method came to prominence in acquiring world first kills. Early in Mists we had a great discussion on BM’s opening rotation which was convoluted at best, and critical that you get right. The loss of readiness has made much of that discussion null and void, but it was fun at the time.

World Class PvPers

If it weren’t for Euripides the only PvP happening on the show would’ve been the quips between the hosts. We didn’t spend a lot of time on Hunter PvP, but when we did, we lined up some good ones for you.

Jurgwena – For a brief period of time he was the PvP writer on OutDPS. Our hope was to have him on every month or so to talk about PvP, but he only ever came on once. His articles can still be found on OutDPS, but they’re mostly outdated.

Loincloth – He was a highly ranked PvPer and contributor over at Skill Capped. He graciously spent an hour of his time answering basic PvP questions from PvE noobs like us.

Zumio – Zumio was the last PvP interview that we did. It was early in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, and a few things have changed, but if you’re into PvP this interview is still somewhat relevant. He appeared on epsiode 141.


If there’s one thing the Hunter community is loaded with it’s personalities. These guys were some of my favorites to interview because they accomplished such amazing things both in and out of the World of Wacraft.

BigRedKitty – BRK first appeared on episode 34. Over 200 listeners tuned into this episode. Other than episode 100, this was the largest live audience we’d ever had. I had never spoken to BRK prior to this episode. We chatted before the show and I was surprised to see his real-life personality was very much like the persona he created. In this episode he managed to piss off the entire Mage community. I remember thinking, wow, we’re so good, that even the support classes listen to us. BRK went on to make six appearances on the show.

Michele Morrow – One of our specialties was reading Wow Insider’s 15-minutes of fame and then inviting the Hunters to appear on the show. Michele Morrow was one of them. Her first appearance was on episode 57, and she instantly became a show favorite. She came back seven more times, filling in as a co-host on a couple of episodes. Her most famous appearance was on episode 100, where she and Frost squared off in a drinking dual. Frost won that by the way, but episode 200 is right around the corner.

Quadilious – On Frost’s first show as an official host we interviewed Quadillious (another 15-minute person). Quadillious was a quadriplegic who was doing high-end raiding. We talked about his setup and how he managed to not stand in the stupid and do great DPS. It was truly humbling to speak to him.

Scott Johnson – That’s right, that Scott Johnson from the Instance. This happened very early on in the life of the podcast. It wasn’t our best interview. No fault of Scott’s, we were just a little new at all this. The Hunter quick-fire segment was awkward at best. The thing about this one was, that Scott was already a big deal and well known personality in WoW. The fact that he was willing to come on our show, gave me the confidence that we could really make the show work. I was also a big fan of the Instance, so getting to talk to Scott was a lot of fun. He was big reason why I wanted to get into podcasting.


We even managed to squeeze in some non Hunter guests, including a rogue and a priest.

Dawn Moore – Dawn was the Priest writer at Wow Insider. We had her on three times to talk about healing our pets, which I don’t think she did.

Hrist – This was Frost’s tank, and he loved to tell stories about their raiding exploits. The best part of having Hrist on was we could finally get the truth about Frostheim.

Final Thoughts

I loved the guest shows. They were informative and fun to do. I met some great folks and learned quite a bit from them. Here are the rest of the guests we interviewed on the podcast.

  • Arth – Graciously filled-in for Frost, and then did a hell of a job as a host.
  • Banya – Our favorite real-life zoo keeper who catalogued all of Azeroth’s pets and compared them to their counterparts here on Earth.
  • Brigwyn – Retired blogger from the Hunting Lodge. He and Frost got into it over the state of the Hunter Community.
  • Pikestaff – A very popular blogger at Aspect of the Hare. She was as big as BRK.
  • Morynne – A blogger from Marks-365. She raided with Matticus and filled the chair a couple of times for our missing hosts.
  • Mania – Creator of Petopia, everyone’s favorite resource for Hunter pets.
  • Garwulf – Blogger over at the Huntsman’s Lodge. Not as active as he once was, but there is still a ton of great information to be found there.
  • AFKRogue – A rogue and Frost’s former raid leader. He co-hosted an episode with me.
  • Bella – Another of Frost’s guildies who helped organize several WHU events, and made awesome sporebat cupcakes.
  • Kinaesthesia – Member of the guild Vodka and founder of the Learn2Raid site which produced awesome raid guides during Cataclysm.
  • Matt McCurley – A columnist at WoW Insider.
  • Serallios – Founder of Raidbots.
  • Onymas – A world first raider, whose guild achieved the world first Glory of the Cataclysm raider.

Podcast Week: How it all Began

So how exactly does one begin the best Hunter podcast in all of Azeroth? Well, it starts with an idea and a simple request in a post like this. Here’s an excerpt.

Second, I’m looking for people to start a hunter community podcast. It will be called “Hunting Party- the OutDPS Podcast”. The goal would be short (commute length) weekly shows that go over new OutDPS guides, news, and have a short interview with someone interesting. If you want to participate, contact me.

Next you gather up the courage to respond to said request with an e-mail like this.


This e-mail quickly turned into a chat.

follow-up chat

And that is how the Hunting Party Podcast got started. Things were going great for a couple of months, and then this happened.




Final Thoughts

As you can see the show really evolved from it’s original vision. I remember Euri saying that he thought it would be a weekly rotating panel of folks from the Hunter community. We never quite achieved that, and to be honest once Frost came on board it was clear we had a good thing going and didn’t need to change. The show continued to evolve over the years, but at its core it always remained a show about Hunters.

I’ve stated before that the Hunting Party Podcast was one of the more enjoyable things I’ve gotten to do these past few years. It was truly a privilege to have been part of such a great endeavor and work with such a fine crew.

Thanks for listening.

Podcast Week: It’s Here!

On Saturday, January 18th, the Hunting Party Podcast will broadcast its final episode. Episode 200 will feature the return Frostheim and Euripides. It will have favorite guests Zeherah, Michele Morrow and BigRedKitty. It will have an updated drinking game, some Hunter news, lots of reminiscing, and hopefully – you, our great listeners.

This week I’ll be writing about the podcast, it’s origins, highlights, guests, listeners and more; all leading up to the grand finale – Episode 200!

Hunting Party Podcast Ep 200 Audio Trailer

Pet Talk!

Blizzard designer Dave Maldonado took some time recently to answer questions about Hunter pets and some possibilities for Warlords of Draenor.

Sporebats have had an interesting history. They started out as one of the most worthless pets in the history of pets. They were crowned the “best pet for the dps” in Frostheim’s famous video, and then in Mists of Pandaria, they really did become the best pet for the DPS. I don’t know about you, but I take great pride in raiding with a Sporebat at my side, and I love the fact that they’re the only pet with the Spell Haste buff. Mine is named Kitteh!

 Okay, agree to disagree here. I think the elemental type pets such as Skarr and Karkin are some of the best in the game. I’d like to see more, not less of these.

I won’t argue that Shale spiders shouldn’t be classified as beasts, but I’d hate it if they were not tameable.  I like the idea of expanding Hunter pets beyond just “beasts”. We’ve been asking for mechanical pets for a long time now. Fel Reaver pet? DO WANT!

I get that decisions need to be based on achieving a level of immersion and “believability”, but those barriers have been stretched over the years. We can tame ghost pets, and other non-beast looking creatures, and I think there’s room to expand this further. Humanoids and oozes are a stretch, but the metallic worms or even pet versions of the mechanical chickens and squirrels are alright by me. Whelps are another pet I’d like to see, but I understand the grey area there.

When the goat family was introduced I thought for sure Talbuks would included. I would love to see this changed in Warlords of Draenor. Oh, and if you’re doing Talbuks how about throwing in Clefthoofs as well?

I agree with this one. I like getting something cool for hitting max level, but I feel like rotation and abilities should all be acquired prior to that. The With or Without You talent greatly alters how you will play a Hunter. I like the concept, but I wouldn’t mind seeing be available in the early 90’s.

More POWA!

There was a Hotfix on 1/6 that gave us a tiny buff to Aspect of the Hawk/Iron Hawk.

  • Aspect of the Hawk now increases ranged attack power by 35% (up from 25%).

Not earth shattering, but a nice little buff is a nice little buff.

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