Fantasy Schmantasy!


When it came to redesigning the classes in Legion, the goal was to give each spec a unique gameplay based

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Gimme a “B”, Gimme an “E”, Gimme a “T”…


I’m In! I needed a little help, but I finally made into the Legion Beta. I was tinkering around on

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Thok The Bloodthirsty


Get ready everyone, for coming to a stable near you, it’s the most badass Devisaur in all of Azeroth, Thok the Bloodthirsty!

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Beta, Blizzcon, and the Podcast


LEGION BETA As you all know, Legion Beta has begun, and once again I find myself patiently waiting for the

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A Promise Delivered


In what felt like it took forever, I finally killed Heroic Archimonde and got my moose mount. As per usual, it

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Legion Hunting Lodge First Look

YouTuber Song Zee post what looks to be an early data-mined looked at the Hunter Class Hall coming in Legion.

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Podcast Wrap-Up

What a great sendoff! The guests, the listeners, it was all amazing. In all we recorded 5 and a 1/2

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Podcast Week: The Drinking Game

We’ve always been a Dwarf friendly podcast, and if there’s one thing Dwarfs are good at it’s drinking. It’s only

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HPP 200 Details (Courtesy of the WHU)

I didn’t have time to prepare anything for today, so I’m totally stealing THIS post from the WHU. Wouldn’t be

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Podcast Week: Our Wonderful Guests

Once of the great joys of doing this podcast was getting the opportunity to speak with some of the great

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