Fantasy Schmantasy!

When it came to redesigning the classes in Legion, the goal was to give each spec a unique gameplay based on fantasy and lore. Here is how Blizzard described the Marksmanship Hunter.

“A sniper in hiding, the marksman unleashes arrows and bullets with deadly precision, exposing the weakness in whoever—or whatever—passes through their crosshairs.”

If that’s the case, then why is it whenever I go out into the world or enter a dungeon, I feel less like a Windrunner, and more like Tony Montana from Scarface? I feel like I should start every pull by yelling


Show me a Marksmanship hunter that doesn’t have a bead of sweat dripping from their brow whenever they walk into a dungeon, and I’ll show you a Hunter that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about who lives and who dies.

All of the “Marksman’s” abilities are centered around indiscriminately shooting everything in our sights and doing so with extreme prejudice and reckless disregard for all life. Instead of a beautiful bow, our artifact should be a giant hand cannon.

Sidewinders – [insert rapid fire gun noises].

Marked Shot – [insert more rapid fire gun noises].

Barrage – [insert that scene from Aliens where the marines panic and totally lose their sh**t].

I single-handedly wiped our group in Eye of Azshara because I pulled a flock of seagulls while fighting Serpentix. Yes, that’s right, Seagulls!

We’re like the Oprah Winfrey of Hunters. You get a mark, you get a mark, you get a mark. Everyone in the freakin’ dungeon gets a mark! And all in one pull.

I watched Lady Sylvanas do a backflip and then take aim, and deliver a near fatal blow to Genn Greymane while upside down and in the air. The only reason it wasn’t fatal is because she probably has a soft spot for dogs. Were he a feral druid I bet she would’ve landed two arrows right in his heart. Seriously, when do I get that ability?

Well at least they got one thing right, the marksman does indeed unleash arrows. Lots, and lots of arrows.

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  1. The worst part? This is ENTIRELY due to poor balancing.

    I have been soloing with Careful Aim, Lock and Load, Patient Sniper, Crows, and Trick Shot, and it feels _EXACTLY_ like how they described it in the previews. I can focus on a single target and do brutal damage with no incidental AoE. I can use Multi>Marked>Aimed and do boatloads of incidental burst AoE. I am constantly loosing arrows, as even without Vulnerable or Marking Targets up, there is no downside to firing Arcane Shot.

    I’ll run Sidewinders in instances, because it is so poorly balanced that I would be doing the rest of my group a disservice picking anything else, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to take talents I actively dislike when out in the world.

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