Thok The Bloodthirsty

Get ready everyone, for coming to a stable near you, it’s the most badass Devisaur in all of Azeroth, Thok the Bloodthirsty! That’s right this boss from Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar is tameable in Legion.

The hard working folks at Petopia recently discovered this.

According to people who have tamed him, the best chance of getting him solo is to do it in LFR. Go to the second floor of the Mogu’shan Palace and talk to the Raid-Finder Pandaren and he’ll magically send you to Thok’s wing. There are no special taming mechanics so he shouldn’t be hard to get.

One thing to note is that once tamed, Thok reverts to his original color. He is not a color changer, so it does not appear you can get him in any of his alternate colors. He does look pretty darn good as is, though.