Podcast Wrap-Up

What a great sendoff! The guests, the listeners, it was all amazing. In all we recorded 5 and a 1/2 hours of show and postshow, and I will push all of it to iTunes. What I’m going to do is break the main show into four one hour parts, and then I’ll keep the post show in it’s entirety. My hope is to start working on this today.

While I wait for the files to download, I wanted to express my thanks to Michele Morrow, RogerBrown, Crithto, Matt Mercer, Banya, Zeherah, BigRedKitty, and of course to Frostheim, Euripides, Arth, Alisaunder, and Synthparadox. Episode 200 was by far the biggest and best show we’ve ever done. We went out on top.

Okay, that’s enough gushing. It’s backing to playing to WoW. A lot has been happening. You know that guild that Euripides and I started? Well, I’ve pulled Darkbrew from it. I’ve moved him into a guild where I can raid. We just cleared SoO normal and have started heroics. I’ve also leveled a couple of new Hunters. I’ll write about all of this in the coming days and weeks.

Well, the files are downloaded, and I’ve got some editing to do.

Stay thirsty my friends, and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager.

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  1. Was a joy to be a listener from episode 1 to 200. I managed the 4 hours of the main show and am looking forward to the post show. Thanks to all of you and especially you Darkbrew, you sounded the consummate pro right to the end.

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