Gimme a “B”, Gimme an “E”, Gimme a “T”…

I’m In! I needed a little help, but I finally made into the Legion Beta. I was tinkering around on the PTR, but that felt kind of half-assed, and I’m definitely a full-ass kind of guy. I’m just getting started, but I will now able to share some first-hand thoughts about Legion on the podcast this Sunday.

I can’t wait to take the new specs out for a test drive. I’ve already given Beast Mastery a look, and unless Marksmanship can just conjure up incredible amounts of DPS out of the Nether, Beast Mastery will likely be my go-to spec in Legion. If Survival is the top dog, then I’m going Demon Hunter.

My characters are all copied over, but I’m still catching my breath over the vast amount of inventory space that’s been freed up. It’s utterly ridonculous. Bags almost empty. Bank almost empty, Void Storage, completely empty. Both tabs.

Oh, and this gun model that I gushed over a while back, but was sad it was Horde only? There’s a variant of it in Legion that you can buy for 36 gold. And yes, Alliance can wield it.


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  1. Well from what I saw, MM can do a lot of DMG ,but we need to stack all the debuffs first. Also the Headshot talent is hitting like a truck, but the cooldown is laso decent 🙁

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