Hunting Party Podcast – F.A.Q.

The Hunting Part Podcast is back, and we’ve got a great lineup of experts from the Hunter community to guide you through mastering the ultimate class in World of Warcraft.

Will the original hosts be returning?

Frostheim, Euripides and Arth remain happily retired and will not rejoin the show. Darkbrew will be back, as will Alisaunder. Guest appearances by the former hosts is a distinct possibility.

Who are the new hosts?

Hosting the show are,

How often will the show broadcast?

The current plan is to do a show every other week.

Will the show be broadcast live?

Yes, the show will be broadcast Sundays at 4:00 pm Eastern at

Can I watch it live at

No. For now, you will need to go our channel to watch the show live.

Will there be a chatroom?

Yes. We will be using the chatroom and not the old IRC chat.

You said the show will be 4:00 pm Eastern. What time is that where I live?

Since we don’t know where you live here is a site you can use to figure out the start time.

UGC/GMT Time Zone Converter

Will you restart the episode numbers?

No. The show went on hiatus after episode 200 and will resume with episode 201.

Where can I find the original episodes?

Episodes 1-200 can all be found on At some point, we may migrate them to Youtube.

Will the old RSS feed still work?

No. We have a new feed for the show –

I can’t listen live, where can I find the show?

Episodes will be posted to Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher and Youtube. They will also be posted on You may also see them posted on various hosts’ blogs.

How can I contact the show?

If you have questions or comments for the show you can e-mail them to huntingpartypodcast@gmail DOT com or you can send a tweet to @HuntingPartyPod.