Beta, Blizzcon, and the Podcast


LEGION BETA As you all know, Legion Beta has begun, and once again I find myself patiently waiting for the

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Ramming Speed!


In Chapter I of Knights of the Fallen Empire, there is a dark side option to send Darth Marr’s flagship

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This is My HK-55 Face


I got lucky last night. Very lucky. You see, I like to do weird things sometimes. Things like, say, dump

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The 100 Million Credit March


It’s over! It’s finally over! Late last night I completed one of my long-time personal goals, which was to earn

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The Breaktown Boogie


I want to see Zakuul burn. Not because of Arcann. Not because of the might of the Eternal Fleet, and

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The Brew Hall Turns Seven!


That’s right folks, The Brew Hall turned seven this week. The blog was officially launched on March 17, 2009, to

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Game Update 4.2 Woes


I had a wee bit of a rough night regarding Game Update 4.2. My Imperial Agent was affected by the

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Never Tell Me The Odds


Here is part two of the Han Solo character dissection that I did with The Cantina Cast. Part one covered

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And There Was Much Rejoicing!


When it comes to opinions on the state of the game, The Old Republic community is more divided than the Sith

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This is Where the Fun Begins


Back at Star Wars Celebration, Mike and Joao asked me who my favorite Star Wars character was, and without hesitation

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