Podcast Week: The Drinking Game

We’ve always been a Dwarf friendly podcast, and if there’s one thing Dwarfs are good at it’s drinking. It’s only fitting that the podcast have a drinking game. Now the game wasn’t conceived by us. Long-time listener Bozanimal came up with the rules. Bozanimal no longer plays WoW, but as the years have gone by we’ve attempted to the keep the rules up to date. This latest incarnation has some nice additions from Arth.

My pints are cooling in the fridge are yours? See you all tomorrow!

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game!
Note that “If” is a one-time only drink. “Whenever” is a drink for EACH occurrence.


  • Whenever a host screws up/ misses their line(s) and/or is reminded by a co-host
  • Whenever a host complains about Hunter PvP
  • Whenever a host says, “Darkbrew Lager” (Darkbrew alone doesn’t count)
  • Whenever technical issues of any type occur
  • Whenever a show host is interrupted by real-life for any reason (e.g. kids, internet connection, girlfriend, fire)
  • Whenever a listener uses the word, “viable” or “optimal” in their question
  • Whenever a listener username is read that pokes fun at a show host
  • Whenever a question or reader email is answered by the chatroom rather than a host


  • …for each HPP running gag: Frostheim’s hairy wrists, Canadian jokes, Euripides’ hot sister, Feral Druids, Darkbrew’s Amazing Rare Spawn Tames, How OP Warlocks are, and Sporebats
  • If the show ends on time (impossible for this episode).
  • If the Auction House is referred to as the meta-game.
  • If you clear the mailbox of reader questions within the regular show time
  • If all the show hosts remain connected until the break
  • If all the show hosts remain connected from intro to outtro
  • If all five show hosts are in attendance (Darkbrew, Frost, Euripides, Arth, Alisaunder)
  • If Frostheim makes someone notably uncomfortable (e.g. “I’d totally tame you, Dawn!”)
  • If Euripides is accused of having certain inappropriate feelings towards Feral Druids
  • If anyone refers to the show notes during the show (e.g. “I’m just reading what’s in the show notes.”)


  • If a news announcement includes a new in-game item, NPC, or achievement named after a hunter community member
  • If a real-life injury is sustained by a show host during the show, including the break
  • If you realize that the show is not being recorded
  • If your question or email are read-aloud on the show (listeners only)
  • If Darkbrew is given half the crap Frostheim and Euripides give one another

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game (Ep. 200 Addendum)!


  • Whenever Michele talks about out-drinking Frost (limit 3)
  • Whenever BRK talks about how it was “in his day” (limit 3)
  • Whenever Arth mentions Pet Tanking (limit 3)
  • Whenever Frostheim says “Semi-colon however comma” or enunciates punctuation in a similar manner (limit 3)
  • Whenever Euri talks about being a train conductor (limit 3). Add a second swig if moose are mentioned in the anecdote by any host.
  • Whenever Alisaunder shoehorns lore into a topic having nothing to do with lore (limit 3)
  • Whenever Zeherah corrects us with actual math (limit 3)


  1. Listening to the episode 200 podcast post show and realizing you never put in your top in-game and out-of-game Warcraft memories. Good idea for a blog post?

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