I’ll Show You The Dark Side!

I caved. There’s no other way to put it. The lure of the “fluff” was too compelling and without hesitation I dropped 45 million on a Defiant Vented Lightsaber. My Kylo Ren wannabe is now complete, and I have no regrets.

I’ve said this before, but the whole point of earning mass quantities of credits is to buy things that make the game more fun, and for me this definitely made the game more fun. I broke out one of my new Juggernauts and went to town hacking and slashing everything in my path. By the way, I only discovered the Juggernaut Advanced Class a couple of months ago, and my god, it is utterly funtastic!

I tried Marauder and Sentinel before. I love the dual-wielding lightsabers, but never could get comfortable with any of the rotations. I really wanted to find a melee class I could love and gave Juggernaut a try. I now have two Juggs and two Guardians. All are 65 and only one was an instant 60. I’m not ready to declare it my favorite Advanced Class, but it’s in the top three for sure.

I also dropped a few million on Commander Vizla’s armor set and a few other odds and ends. All told, I went from having 121 million credits to 74 million. I’m not broke, but the Hutt Cartel isn’t exactly giving me the VIP treatment when I visit their casinos. I now need to focus on filling up the coffers before the next Alliance pack arrives. I don’t think I’ll get all the way back by then, but having 100 million would be nice; that’s my goal.

I leave with a little video of the lightsaber in action, alongside the Sith Recluse armor set.