My New SWTOR Podcast Venture!

After playing and blogging about Star Wars: The Old Republic for the last five years, I finally decided to make a Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast. Introducing my latest venture, the State Of The Old Republic Podcast, aka – SOTOR.

I’m still getting things organized and set up, but Episode 1: Here Goes Nothing, is in the books. The podcast has its own site –, and there is also a twitter account you can follow, and the show’s e-mail address is

The content of the show is news and information about SWTOR. I’ll do a segment about something I’m doing in-game, and there will also be a topic of the week.

Moving forward, the plan is to publish a new episode once a week on Tuesday. Episode two will be released on August 16th. I’m the only host, so my goal is to keep the show length at 30 minutes or less.

For additional information on SOTOR, you can check out this F.A.Q. as well as this introductory post on the show’s website. I’ve also embedded Episode One in this post, but if you check out the F.A.Q. you’ll see a list of all the places you can find the podcast.

I hope you enjoy my new podcast, and as the title of Episode One says, here goes nothing.