What’s Up With Hoods?

Good news and bad news time. The good news is that High Justice Valin’s armor set, or a variation thereof, is going to be made available to players on June 1st.

The bad news is unless your character is wearing a mask or helmet that can display under hoods, they’re going to look horrible in this hooded outfit.

The reason, of course, is that player hair does not show when wearing a hood. This isn’t anything new. It’s not an oversight on BioWare’s part, it’s just an unfortunate technical limitation of the game.

This doesn’t stop players from whining incessantly as if it’s an intentional feature. That said, it’s still one heck of a limitation.

There are a number of great hooded outfits such as the Exiled Master’s and Insidious Counselors armor sets. They look absolutely terrific until you equip one of your character’s with them. I own both of these and want so badly to use them, but every time I try, my characters look so hideous that I can’t continue to wear them. Insidious indeed!


I’d honestly be willing to settle for a default hairstyle, other than bald, for all hooded characters. I get that it won’t match my character’s hairstyle, but some hair showing through is better than none.

Will I get this new outfit? Probably, but then like all of the other hooded outfits it will sit unused in my cargo hold.

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