Podcast Redux: Glyph of the Lean Pack

One of the big topics in Episode 180 was the new major glyph, Glyph of the Lean Pack. Emphasis on major here. What this does is reduce the radius of the Aspect of the Pack down to seven yards. Frankly I’m befuddled as to when a Hunter would want to use this. I even more befuddled trying to figure out exactly which glyph you would replace for this utility.

Because of the daze effect, Aspect of the Pack is a non-combat ability that is mostly used to give your raid members a little boost when recovering from a wipe. Unless you despise your raid members, the last thing you would want to do is exclude them from the buff.

The only possible use I can come up with is a battleground scenario where you want to try to give a flag carrier a little speed boost, but not impact other nearby group members. Assuming that nobody attacks you or the flag carrier this could be the difference between victory and defeat. A stretch at best, but it’s all I’ve got.

We asked listeners to tweet Ghostcrawler to see if he could explain the thinking behind this one. As you can see I did my part, but it did not elicit a response, and thus this glyph remains an enigma, and likely unused.

My question to you is, will you use this new glyph, and if so, in what situations?

Good Hunting!

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