Credit Sinks

cartel_ledger_435x250Virtual money sinks are a necessary evil in any MMO. Without the need to spend credits players would amass small fortunes, inflation would be rampant and it would be months before new players to the game would ever be able to afford anything. The economy would be broken.

I couldn’t help but notice that patch 2.3 introduced quite a few credit sinks to the game, and it got me wondering what amount of credit makes one wealthy in the game now. There is an achievement for getting 10 million credits. I got this a few months ago, and since that time my credit total has risen as high as 24 million, and currently sits at 21 million. No, you can’t have any πŸ™‚

At one point I thought 25 million was a decent amount of credits, bordering on very rich, but now that Game Update 2.3 is here, I’m beginning to fee a bit poor. This update introduced a lot of cool items, and they don’t come cheap.

The Ewok Companion, Czerka Executive Cruiser and two Tauntaun mounts will cost you 5.5 million alone. There are weapons and armor sets costing hundreds of thousands. There are additional mounts, pets and customization kits also costing hundreds of thousands.

Looking at the various items introduced in 2.3, if you had to have them all, I’m guessing it would cost you around 11.5 million. That doesn’t include buying any of the droid schematics if you’re a Cybertech.

Okay, so when you have 21 million, spending 11.5 million on all that cool stuff maybe isn’t too rough after all. I just find the more credits I make the harder it is to part with them.

Enjoy all the new toys in 2.3, and let me know what you think a wealthy amount of credits is in The Old Republic.