Episode 206: Hunting Highmaul

The Highmaul raid opened this week, and Darkbrew, Solarflair, Bendak and Delirium have you covered with Hunter tips for each encounter in Normal and Heroic.

We also look at how the different specs are faring, and discuss the plight of Hunters who don’t wish to play the Marksmanship spec.

Our next show is scheduled for Sunday, December 21st. If you’re good, Greatfather Winter might just let Artemishowl come out and play.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

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Episode 206: Hunting Highmaul


Episode 205: WoW Turns Ten with BRK

This week we celebrate World of Warcraft’s tenth anniversary with everyone’s favorite Hunter BigRedKitty. We talk to BRK about how he got his start with WoW and his blog. We reminisce about the original Molten Core and Southshore v. Tarren Mill.

We also discuss Warlords of Draenor and give you tips on what you can do gear up and prepare for the Highmaul raid which opens it’s doors on December 2nd.

BigRedKitty recently published his Airman Howell stories from BigRedKitty.net. They’re very entertaining, and you can find them here.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

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Episode 205: WoW Turns Ten with BRK


BRK on the HPP, Baby Steps

BigRedKitty on the Podcast

Set the alarms early and get your coffee ready, because BigRedKitty will be our guest this Sunday on the Hunting Party Podcast. This Sunday marks the official ten year anniversary of World of Warcraft and who better to spend the hour with. We’ll ask BRK about his favorite WoW memories, and we’ll look ahead to the upcoming 10th anniversary events, and get his thoughts on Hunters and the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

We should have a full house this Sunday, so we’ll circle back with Artemishowl and Solarflair and get a report on their Blizzcon experiences, and if they managed to talk the devs into any Hunter changes.

Episode 205 will air Sunday, November 23rd at 10am Eastern on Twitch.tv. To see what time that is in your area check out this handy Time Zone Converter.

Leveling Progress

I’m inching my way to level 100. I dinged 97 last night. I reckon I’ve logged about 15 hours so far with the expansion. I know this isn’t a race, but losing Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday has put behind a lot of my guildmates. I’ll catch up, but I’d rather be running heroics and gearing up with them. The good news is, when I’m ready to join them, they’ll still be running them, have better gear, and know all the fights. It should be a good experience for me.

I’m loving the Garrison a lot more than I thought. My initial plan was to focus on building up followers and getting them leveled. So I kept the Barracks, but then decided to ditch that in favor of the Dwarven Bunker. I think that is the right choice especially as I head into Spires and Nagrand. I’m hoping the increased chance for gear to proc an upgrade will get me into heroics a little faster. At any rate, it’s a lot of fun having an item get upgraded. I’ll most definitely take this building when I get to my alts. as they are very under geared compared to Darkbrew.

The Bunker is now level two, and my Inn is also level two, which means I can recruit a new follower each week. I should get the Salvage Yard questing in Spires. I haven’t focused at all on my Engineering and Tannery buildings. I’ll deal with those when I hit 100. I have been farming the ore and herbs and selling those. It’s not much gold, but it’s not zero. It’s time like these where I wish was leveling a double-gatherer. Oh well.

Other than feeling a little behind, I’m having an incredible time with this expansion. I saw a lot of it in the beta, but there’s something about it being real now that makes it more special.

I’m trying to go fast, but I’m also taking my time in the sense that I’m completing the quests in each zone before moving on. After all, what’s the point of playing if you’re not going to have fun and enjoy things. So I’m taking in the sights, killing “rares”, taming pets and otherwise working towards level 100.

I should get there tonight or tomorrow, and then real expansion begins.


Episode 203: Meet DillyPoo

This week we discuss PvP with arena tournament Hunter DillyPoo. We discuss what it’s like to play arena as a Hunter, what Hunter PvP will look like in Warlords of Draenor, how you can get started in PvP.

We also discuss the latest round of Hunter buffs, and answer some listener questions.

If you want more from DillyPoo, you can follow him on Twitter and Twitch.tv.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

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Episode 203: Meet DillyPoo


Who’s Your Data?

Score one for the new gang at the Hunting Party Podcast. In our first two episodes back, we’ve sounded like a broken record complaining about Hunter DPS at both level 90 and 100.

Well, guess what? We were right, and Hunters should expect to see some improvement by the time we get to 100 and are ready to start raiding.

We weren’t the only ones raising the red the flag, but until now there was no sign that the devs believed what we were saying, and we felt destined to ride the bottom of the meters. I get that Sims don’t tell the full story, but folks like ArtemishowlSolarflairDeleriumBendak do more than just sim. They test the game. They participate in the raid boss testing, gather logs, confer with other players in the game (even some non Hunters), and they assess things based on that. Oh, and they’re not afraid to give feedback and challenge the developers’ assertions.

I’m not saying Artemishowl or any of us should take credit for incoming buffs, but you should feel good that despite the unhappy tenor regarding Hunters, we were justified in being a little whiny.

See you on October 26th for our next show!


Episode 202: Sim City

Patch 6.0 is here and Darkbrew, Solarflair, Artemishowl, Delirium and Bendak have you covered with everything you need to know.

This week we discuss which specs, talents and glyphs you’ll want if you plan to raid Seige of Orgrimmar in 6.0. We also talk about which specs and talents are coming out on top at level 100.

We answer lots of listener questions covering a variety of topics including trinkets, pets and buffs, glyphs, and professions.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

Special thanks to Slugslinger for creating the podcast image used in this post.

Episode 202: Sim City


Episode 201: Loaded For Bear

We did it! On September 28, 2014 the Hunting Party Podcast was successfully relaunched with a whole new cast can crew. Despite the new personalities some things remained faithful to first run of the show.

Botched intro/outro? Check!
Technical difficulties? Check!
Same great content? Check!

The show ran a bit longer than we had planned, but that’s because there was a lot of information to cover, and we wanted to do more than just read through a list of patch notes and then move on.

Even at two hours I still fee like we left a lot of content on the table. We’ll see if we can roll that into the next show. The goal is to keep the show length around an hour. We’ll get there, but with so much new stuff, the first few shows will likely run over.

I thought everybody meshed well together, and shows will only get better from here on out.

I was extremely happy that we were able to get the show released within a couple of hours of recording it. A huge shout out to Synthparadox for handling all the technical aspects of show.

I hope you enjoy the show and we’ll see you for Episode 202 on October 12th at 10am Eastern on Twitch TV.

In you weren’t able to listen the live show, you can find the recorded version at the following places.

Episode 201: Loaded For Bear


WHU Tonight, HPP Tomorrow

It’s the eve of the return of the Hunting Party Podcast. Yes, folks it really is happening. At the risk of Jinxing us all to Hell, everything looks to be in place.

The show notes are ready, the hosts are ready, are you ready?

Before we relaunch the podcast, the WHU is organizing an all Hunter event. It’s the level one dwarf Hunter raid of Hogger. It’s happening 9/27 at 9:30pm Central on Icecrown. I’ll be there as will many of the WHU staff and HPP cast.

Now in case you’re wondering, Hogger is still a level 11 elite, which means he should still pose a threat to a level one toon. Maybe not twenty or 200, but we’ll see.

So there you have it two exciting events. Hogger raid tonight, and the Hunting Party Podcast tomorrow at 10am Eastern, at Twitch.tv.

Stay thirsty and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager!

The Hunting Party Podcast Returns


The Hunting Party Podcast is Back!

That’s right folks, the Hunting Party Podcast is coming back, and with a vengeance.

Frostheim, Euripides, and Arth remain happily retired, so we’ve assembled a whole new crew to bring you the latest Hunter news, theorycrafting, raiding tips and more.

This next generation of hosts is nothing short of amazing, I have no doubt that the second iteration of the podcast will be every bit as good as the first.

Hosting the show will be myself, Artemishowl, Solar, and Delirium. We are also in negotiations with Bendak as a possible fifth host. At the very least he’ll be active in the chatroom along with everyone’s favorite moderator – Alisaunder!

Synthparadox will also return to handle all of the technical aspects of the show including broadcasting and editing.

There are a few other changes to the show. First we will not be broadcasting every week. It will be every other week.

Also, the day, time and location have all changed. The show will be broadcast on Sundays at 10:00 am Eastern on Twitch TV.

And with that, Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 201 airs on Sunday, September 28, 2014, 10:00 am Eastern at http://twitch.tv/huntingpartypodcast.

See you there!