Cut The Chatter: Loot First


Cut the Chatter – bringing you your weekly dose of commentary on the “intelligent” and “insightful” things that your fellow players are talking about in general chat.


At one time or another we’ve all experienced this. You see a chest, and it’s surrounded by hostile NPCs. You engage in combat and while you’re fighting, another player comes along and grabs the chest. You do all the work, and they get all the reward.

Most decent players would stop and help you kill the mobs, or just leave you be, but there are those jerks out there who will use your distraction to make an unfair move. You can’t report it, and you can’t steal it back. Since you’re probably not a Wookiee, screaming about it in general chat won’t help you either.

What you can do is loot the chest first, and then start fighting. If it’s surrounded by a lot of mobs toss out a stun or CC to buy some time. It only take a few seconds to open a chest so you should have ample time to grab the loot and get back in the action. It may seem counter intuitive, but it really is the best and only recourse available to ensure that spoils go to you and not some jerk.

And remember if the worst thing happening in your life is someone stealing a chest from you in an MMO, you’re probably doing OK.

May the Force Be With You!