Not Dead Yet!

Hey everyone! That’s right, I’m still here. Now you might be wondering what the above image has to do with World of Warcraft and The Brew Hall. Well, the answer is quite a lot.

I took the picture just this morning. It’s the view from my tiny place on St. Thomas. I’m there now, and I was there in March of 2009 when I hatched up this little idea for a WoW Hunter blog called The Brew Hall.

It’s hard to believe that we’re about to turn nine. Time does indeed fly. I’ll have more to say about the site and how it got started next month. For now, I wanted to let you know where things stand today.

If you look at my latest posts, you’ll see that the last time I wrote anything about World of Warcraft was September 6, 2016. That’s by far the longest I’ve gone without writing a word about Hunters or World of Warcraft.

That’s something I wish to correct, but it won’t be easy. My interest in World of Warcraft is at an all-time low. My subscription is still active and I intend to keep playing. It’s just lately I haven’t been logging into the game. In fact, I’ve yet to set foot in the Antorus raid. That’s just one of many things left undone right now. I hope to begin correcting that when I return home.

So why the falling interest in World of Warcraft? It’s partly due to that fact that I’ve been playing the game since 2004. Thirteen years is a long time to be doing anything, let alone play a video game.

The other reason is Star Wars. With the revival of this historic franchise by Disney, I found myself writing and podcasting about a Galaxy, Far, Far Away. Star Wars is my first love, and as I started reconnecting with it, I spread myself too thin.

You probably noticed that in the last couple of years I expanded The Brew Hall to include topics on Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) and Star Wars. You also probably noticed that I was publishing more articles on those topics than I was World of Warcraft.

My interest in Star Wars hasn’t waned. In August of 2016 I started a SWTOR podcast called State of the Old Republic. It’s doing great, and my efforts got me into BioWare’s Influencer program. I get to work with other content creators, talk to the game’s developers about their plans for the game, and test out upcoming content. It’s a great gig, even if most of the information is subject to an NDA.

The work that I’m doing for SWTOR isn’t going to stop, but I do want to put more effort back into The Brew Hall and World of Warcraft. With that in mind, The Brew Hall will once again be World of Warcraft only. I don’t know how often I’ll write, but I’m going to set a goal of at least once a month.

Regarding the Hunting Party Podcast, well that’s still going on as well. Like The Brew Hall it too has seen a lull with one and two month gaps between episodes. This is something we plan to correct as well.

Nine years is a great milestone, and I want to see the blog turn ten, but I want to do it in way that reflects more than just a decision to keep the lights on.

Thanks to all of you who have supported the blog and podcast all these years.

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