It’s Alpha Time!

Last night I opened up my app. to play some Hearthstone and I was greeted to an unexpected surprise. The Battle for Azeroth Alpha started installing. Maybe I’m special or maybe someone just checked a wrong box. I try not to ask too many questions when good fortune comes my way.

Anyway, I’m in. I’ve barely had a chance to kick the tires, but Alpha is definitely the right term to use to describe things. Don’t get me wrong unfinished World of Warcraft is still better than a lot of games, but the lack of polish and detail is noticeable. Most notable is the lack of sounds. The opening zone is much too quiet.

Character copies are disabled so I’m running around with a premade Void Elf Hunter. Add-ons are also disabled so I’m stuck with the default UI, which looks a lot like it did when the game launched in 2004.

Battle for Azeroth doesn’t go live for six months, so it’s still early in the process. I look forward to seeing how Hunters evolve.