Alliance Launches Surprise Attack on Arcann!

Knights of the Fallen Empire has been full of twists and turns, and now the latest arc in the story is in full motion. Due to a patching glitch, BioWare has launched a surprise attack on Arcann’s forces and decided to release Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen early.

Earlier today, I opened up the launcher and the game began patching. When I logged into the game I got a message stating my game was out of synch. Clicking the message closes the client. After doing a little digging I found out that you could ignore the message and click play on any of your characters. When I did this I noticed elements of Game Update 4.7 were live; most notably the Pack Viewer and Guss Tuno recruitment mission. I logged out and immediately alerted an authority figure.

I wasn’t the only one having this issue, but a short-time later, BioWare announced the following.

The servers are down for maintenance as I write this, but if all goes well, they’ll be up early this evening. I’m on the East Coast so I’m hopeful they’ll be available by 9:00 PM.

When they do come up, Game Update 4.7 will be live and we’ll get to see the final chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Will we defeat Arcann and Vailyn? What will become of the Eternal Throne? Will Valkorian’s true plans be revealed? Who lives? Who dies? We’ll find out soon enough.


  1. I’m disappointed they didn’t use this for a bit of positive PR. “See, we’re not always late! For once we decided to release the new patch a few hours early to surprise you all!” Instead it’s the usual scrambling about, wondering who flipped the switch too early. 😛

    1. I suppose you if you really want to put on the tin-foil hat, you could argue that this was a “planned mistake” to beat out Blizzard launching their new Demon Hunter class on the same Tuesday.

      Unless you had an Operation planned, which I didn’t, this was a nice little surprise.

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