Bracing for Blizzcon

Earlier this week an unconfirmed version of the Blizzcon schedule was released. It’s been taken off of the official web-site, but I believe it’s still lingering about the mobile app.

What’s important about the schedule is that it reminds me that Blizzcon is less than a month away, and I’m going to be there!

Yes, I will finally be attending my first Blizzcon ever and I can’t wait. The panels and information that will be presented are normally what I care about, but this time they are just icing on the cake. This Blizzcon is all about meeting people that I have been gaming and podcasting with for many years now. It’s about turning my imaginary friends into real friends.

The big event for me is the Warcraft Hunters Union meetup. It is currently planned for Friday evening from 10 pm – 1 am. I don’t know if a venue has been selected, but imagine we’ll just take over the Hilton bar and claim it as our hunting lodge for the evening.

Like many Hunters, I will be sporting this fabulous T-Shirt designed by Night-Elf Hunter @ZoeZazu.


Good friends and good games, that’s what Blizzcon will be about this year.