Where are the Stable Masters?

This post is long overdue and is something I’ve been meaning to write about for some time now. It drives me insane that there is no Stable Master in our Garrisons. The only way to get one there is by having the Stables. If you have that building you’ll go from having zero stable masters to about fifty of them. Seriously, if you have a Stables you’ll see stable masters wandering all over your Garrison.

It’s ridiculous. It takes an hour to go from one end of your Garrison to other because every two feet you run into a Stable Master and they worship you.

SM: “Greetings Commander”.

ME: “Stable Master.”

SM: “Greetings Commander”.

ME: “Stable Master.”

SM: “Good day Commander.”

ME: “Stable Master.”

SM: “Hello, Commander.”

ME: “Buzz Off!”

SM: “Greetings Comm—”

ME: “?@#* YOU!”

I’ve stated on more than one occasion that I’m a quality of life guy. I take great pleasure in the little things that remove the tediousness and inconvenience of doing mundane things in the game. I’d love to have a stables building but right now it just doesn’t fit into what I need for my Garrison.

I suspect in Legion finding a stable master won’t be an issue, but in Warlords it’s been one of the most inconvenient things I can think of.

Seriously, one stable master in the Garrison would have hurt nothing.

SM: “Greetings Commander.”

ME: /target Stable Master /KillCommand


  1. Three of us Hunters were saying these very things last night. Not only are they lacking in our garrisons but they seem to be mostly missing throughout Draenor.

    And we can’t wait for Legion! [which has nothing to do with stable masters 😉 ]

  2. I’m one of the few people, I think, who really likes the garrison and I’ve been tweaking my main’s for permanent quality of life after-WoD. (I’m currently working on getting the auction house completed.) But yeah, it’s a little galling that I have to give up a building to have a stable.

    I’m hoping we get a hearthstone to our class hall, which will certainly be set for stables, so I can leave my very dwarven garrison (complete with dwarven bunker and dwarven guards via the barracks) as-is.

    1. Oh, I like the Garrison, but I just wish it had at least one stable master. I’m very much looking forward to the class halls. Can’t wait to see what they bring.

  3. Also, Horde side you can get a stable master with the Barn, but not for Alliance. What’s up with that??

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