I Believe I Can Fly

I completed the Draenor Pathfinder achievement this week. I took my time with it, and because Blizzard is taking their time with releasing the patch, I’ll be able to take to the skies when it finally goes live.

It’s probably the last big grind I had for Warlords of Draenor. Other than continuing to progress through Hellfire Citadel, which I’m enjoying mightily, and getting my Fel Raven, I’m quickly running out of things I wish to do.

Gamescom is just around the corner and Blizzard will have a presence there. Will they use it as the platform to announce the next World of Warcraft expansion? Expansion announcements have always been reserved for Blizzcon which is happening in November. It’s really not that far off.

I hope that they break with tradition and do announce the expansion at Gamescom. I will be attending Blizzcon and would love to be in person for that exclusive. That said, if they announce the expansion next month, they’ll be a lot further along for Blizzcon and they’ll have a lot more to show and talk about. It should make for better presentations.

Whether they announce the expansion next month or in November, if they can’t release it sooner than next Spring, we’re going to be in the Tanaan Jungle and Hellfire Citadel almost as long as we were in Siege of Orgrimmar.

It will still make Warlords of Draenor the shortest expansion, but I’m not sure this is progress.

Darkbrew Goes to Blizzcon


This will be a year long remembered. I attended my first Star Wars Celebration, and I will soon be attending my first Blizzcon.

Celebration has been a blast, and I’ve made several new friends (most of them human), but I’m really looking forward to Blizzcon. Not so much for the information that will be revealed, but for the opportunity to finally meet other Hunters who have followed this blog (despite I hardly write anything), and continue to listen and support the podcast.

I’m also looking forward to meeting the other hosts of the podcast, and helping with all the #TeamHunter activities.

As far as getting my ticket goes, I’m chalking it up to luck. I have to say it felt weird purchasing my ticket while being a stone’s throw away from the Anaheim Convention Center.

I had my laptop with crappy hotel wi-fi. I had my wife at home trying to purchase a ticket, and I also had the Eventbrite mobile app. going on my smartphone. The smartphone won. While my laptop and wife were spinning in the waiting room, my smartphone went right through. I throw that out there as another batch of tickets go on sale Saturday.

I wish you all the best of luck in getting tickets, and I hope to see you there.

Good Hunting!

Call To Action: Warcraft Hunter’s Union


UPDATE: Thanks to Frostheim and a few others (including myself), it looks like they’ve reached their goal. Any additional contributions at this point will just go towards a nicer lanyard.

The Warcraft Hunter’s Union, yes, that WHU is looking for some assistance. They’re planning a Hunter meetup at Blizzcon and would like to give each attendee a WHU themed lanyard. I wanted to call this to your attention, especially if you’re planning to attend.

They’re looking to raise $130.00 to fund the lanyards. Here are the details from Artemishowl, and the the fundraising page can be found here.

Heya everyone!

Artemishowl here! We’re fundraising money for the WHU themed lanyards for the all-hunter Blizzcon meetup (Saturday, after the convention downstairs in the hilton away from the larger crowds!) The image is a rough draft of the lanyard design, we will have a trap on the left of it, and an arrow sticking out on the right of it. Quota from lanyardlab.com will be coming soon, so 130 is worst case scenario for 100 lanyards.

If anyone can spare a penny, it would be appreciated. I will spend all the funds on purely lanyards. Any extra cash will be used for purchasing a higher quantity of lanyards, or even just for supporting the giant get-together as is. Thank you all for being wonderful in the community and supporting the hunter community. The get-together we will have come Blizzcon will definitely be epic!

I also wanted to remind everyone that the WHU still has an active facebook page which you’re welcome to join.

Episode 193: Warlords of Draenor

It’s the big BlizzCon episode folks! Warlords of Draenor is the next World of Warcraft expansion and we have all the the updates on what you can expect. We cover new player models, Garrisons, raid changes, lore, Hunter talents, and much, much more, including live updates from the Raid and Quest panel that was happening live during the podcast.

Warlords of Draenor


As expected, Warlords of Draenor will be the next expansion for World of Warcraft, and it looks to be awesome. I went and read my reaction post to Mists of Pandaria because I seemed to recall that I wasn’t too keen on it, and indeed, other than the Hunter changes I was somewhat luke-warm about that announcement. I can tell you that is not the case with Warlords of Draenor. I’m stoked for it!

A lot of people thought that Burning Crusade was the best expansion. Now, I don’t know if that’s because of the features or the lore, or what, but a lot people really liked it. This is shaping up to be Burning Crusade 2.0. All the great lore of Burning Crusade combined with all of the great features and enhancements that have been introduced to the game since.

It’s only been day one of Blizzcon, but a lot has been revealed thus far. Here’s a quick list of what we can expect, and of course, we’ll have lots to say about it on the Saturday’s podcast.

WoD Features

  • New world of Draenor with seven zones and one PvP zone.
  • Level cap increased to 100.
  • Build your personal Garrison (think farm, but way more awesome).
  • A level 90 character upgrade.
  • Six new dungeons and two new raids.
  • New player character models.
  • New Challenge modes.
  • New Battlegrounds and World Bosses.
  • New Normal and Heroic Scenarios.
  • New class talents and permanent ability bonuses.
  • New flexible raid formats
    • Raid Finder (10-25)
    • Normal (10-25)
    • Heroic (10-25)
    • Mythic (20)

There’s a lot to digest here and a lot more information still to be revealed. I love what I’ve heard so far and all I can say is – I CAN HAZ BETA NOW!?

Preview Trailer

BlizzCon is Here!


BlizzCon has arrived and later today we should get some details on the next World of Warcraft expansion, which is expected to be called Warlords of Draenor. If I were a betting man, I’d say we’re leaving Azeroth to face off against the Burning Legion. Can you say Burning Crusade 2.0?

In podcast news, RogerBrown will not be on the show this weekened. The BlizzCon schedule just doesn’t synch up with the podcast. We will have him on the show on November 30th.

I’m going to miss the podcast on November 16 and 23rd, but I believe Arth has some things planned in my absence. Maybe a Michele Morrow appearance?

In other news, I got my legendary cloak a couple of weeks ago, and I created a brand new Hunter. A Horde Hunter! Madcow (yes, he’s a Tauren) hit 85 last night and is now in Pandaria. It took about two weeks to get from level one to 85. I’ll have more to say about him in some upcoming posts.

Tune in for the podcast tomorrow, and check back here later for my initial thoughts on any announcements from BlizzCon.

Episode 191: Hunters Represent

This week we talk about the Blizzcon schedule and speculate on what we’ll see from the big event, and because we’re a Hunter podcast we also discuss Hunter representation in this current raid tier.

BigRedKitty will join us next week, so please send us questions to ask him on the show.

Blizzcon 2013

Blizzard announced today that the next Blizzcon will be held on November 8-9th 2013. I have never attended a Blizzcon and probably won’t try to go to this one, although I love the idea of doing a live Hunting Party Podcast from the event.

As we all know, Blizzard loves to announce big things at this event and I suspect this year will be fraught with major news. I would expect an update on the Warcraft movie, information about the next WoW expansion, and plans for WoW’s 10th anniversary in 2014. The big announcement that seems long overdue is Titan. What exactly is it, and will this be the WoW killer? Something I think we all want to know. Maybe this Blizzcon will shed some light for us.

I definitely would love to hear what Titan is all about, but I also want to know about the next expansion (return of the Burning Legion?) and all the cool things they have in store for the Hunter Class.

So what do you want to see announced at Blizzcon, xpac, Titan, Hunter changes?

The Hunting Party, Episode 3

This week Euripides and I conquer some technical difficulties and manage to discuss,

  • Hunter changes from Blizzcon.

  • Pets and what Blizzard can do to give us more variety.

  • Stat simplification for WoW: Cataclysm.

  • Talent Changes and the Mastery system.

  • Icecrown Citadel.

  • Listener mail.

Enjoy and please send us your questions and comments.  E-mail us thebrewhall@gmail.com and outdps@gmail.com.

Also be sure check out all of the great hunter guides and information at OutDPS.com.

Good Hunting!

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It’s a Start

  • Hunters might be able to choose the talent tree of their pet to let them pick the pet that looks best to them…

One of the big gripes I have with the current pet system is that it locks pets into very specific rolls with very specific abilities.  As a result certain pets are coming out ahead and falling into a “best in slot” category.  For instance, almost every raiding hunter is running with a wolf.

If Blizzard wants hunters to be able to choose pets based on what the individual hunter thinks looks best, then they also need to allow the hunter to train specific abilities, such as Furious Howl, to the pet.

Being able to turn a turtle into a ferocity pet is nice, but unless you can train the turtle in Furious Howl, the wolf will still remain the top choice.

In patch 3.1 Blizzard removed Thunderstomp from gorillas and added it to the Tenacity talent tree allowing hunters to train any tenacity pet with that ability.  I loved that change as did most hunters.

A lot of us joked about how is it possible for a worm to Thunderstomp?  Yes the idea is silly and so is the idea of a crab learning Furious Howl, but you know what, it works.  I think we all have to recognize that this is a game, and certain elements have to be treated or accepted as such in order to provide a greater functionality to the players.

After all, we are hunters, the great beast masters.  We can train our pets to do anything.  Yes we’re just that good.

Now it’s off to see if I can train one of my cats to use the coffee maker.