KOTFE: The Fate of the Smuggler

I am a hero of the Republic. I am also a Smuggler. You know, a rogue, scoundrel, pirate and gambler? I once walked into the Star Cluster casino with 10,000 credits and rode out atop a rancor. Only on Nar Shadaa right?

The great war is over. The Galactic Republic and Sith Empire lay in ruin. Not at the hands of each other, but felled by the mysterious Eternal Empire of Zakuul. Whoever they are.

I missed out on all the “fun”, but I’m back now. Maybe I’ll hunt down this Eternal Empire, or maybe, just maybe I’ll return to doing what I do best – smuggling.

With a new galactic overlord in town and the Republic and Sith in full retreat, people are going to need things. Things that only a guy like myself can get.

Blockades will need breaking, medical supplies will be in, well, short supply. Food, water, adrenals, and spices. If you need them, then you need me and I promise to deliver.

War takes a toll. Being a hero takes an even a greater toll. I gave at the office, and now it’s time make the dream of that mesa resort on Makeb a reality. What? The planet still has a few nice spots left, and it mostly stable now. Mostly.

I can’t do this alone. No to pull this off I’m going to need a crew. Not just any crew, but one to rival the great smuggling contingent started by Hylo Visz during the Great Galactic War.

So who do you get to help you build the most successful smuggling ring in all the galaxy? Meet my dream team.

Nico Okarr
Nico’s is an old-time smuggler who has been doing this a long time. Longer than me anyway. The knowledge and “wisdom” he brings is invaluable. I may be an old dog, but I can still learn new tricks and Nico has a bunch up his sleeve. What do you say old-timer, are you in?

You don’t get anywhere in this galaxy without being able to slice into computer systems, and there isn’t a system that this pretty little lady couldn’t crack.

She has ties to Nar Shadaa and the underworld. She’s worked closely with the Sith Empire. While they may no longer be a threat, her knowledge of their systems and inner workings is invaluable.

Mako is used to working with Bounty Hunters and helping them track down their prey. Smuggling isn’t that much different. We don’t hunt down people, we hunt down things, and things don’t shoot back. Well, most of the time anyway. Welcome to crew Mako!

Tano Vik
Slicing your way into places is nice, but for some jobs you don’t have the luxury of doing things real quiet-like. I like having a demolitions expert on hand for those times when the only way to get to the inside is to destroy the outside.

Explosives are dangerous and blowing things up is an art. You don’t want just any ordinance handler, you want someone for whom this is their passion.

You want the kind of person that sleeps with their toys and names them and talks to them. Each bomb, missile, and mine is an incendiary child that you’re raising for a singular, important purpose. They don’t have a job, they have a destiny.

No one is better at this than Tano Vik. Another product of Nar Shadaa, Vik served as a member of the Republic’s famed Havoc Squad. Now that the Republic military has suffered its ultimate defeat, I imagine Vik might be looking for work.

If you’re interested, I’m hiring. Just one rule, no smoking while on the job.

Akaavi Spaar
If you travel from one end of the galaxy to the other you’re bound to run into the Mandalorians. These run-ins tend to get violent and bloody. I’m no stranger to any of that, but sometimes you just want a nice easy charter. Know what I mean?

Akaavi is a tough warrior and she’s a Mandalorian. She understands their ways and customs.

When we encounter Mando’s we send in Akaavi and keep our blasters crossed that it won’t get violent. Of course, it always does so I have a plan B.

Everyone? Meet plan B. Every good smuggler needs muscle. Blasters are great, but having a good Wookiee at your side is better.

I try to avoid violence whenever I can, but there are times when my charm and good looks just aren’t able to get the job done. If it looks like I’m going to get my handsome face kicked-in, I send in the “Killer from Kashyyyk.”

Bowdaar is tough, loyal, and furry. Seriously, he sheds a lot and is always clogging up the refresher. I don’t even want to talk about what he smells like after standing in the rain.

Still, he’s got it where it counts and is the reason why I still have teeth.

Gault Renow
I know I’m asking for trouble here, but this is a brave new world and I need people that can think outside of the box.

His pro is that he’s a con. A very good con. He’s a master at separating people from their valuables, and we’re going to need all we can get.

He’s got vast connections, but he’s also one of the most hated men in the galaxy. He may be through with his past, but his past may not be through with him. He’s a risk, a huge risk.

He’s entertaining though, and life will not be dull with him around. Of course, that won’t matter if we can’t stay alive because of him. I’m going to regret him aren’t I?

Ah, Risha. Dear, dear Risha. She’s a carbon copy of me only prettier, wealthier and smarter. We were quite the team back in the day, and I hope we can be again. I wouldn’t be surprised if she chose to leave and branch out on her own. She really is the brains of the operation, and she’s good at fixing the ship.

Let’s just hope she can’t bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of her site. It really is my only hope.

That’s my new crew. It’s a dangerous galaxy of opportunity and my pockets are almost empty. Risha? Prep the hyperdrive and let’s hit it.

Oh, and to the Eternal Empire, stay out of my way. I may be smuggler, but I might have a teensy bit of hero left in me.