The Fates of Our Heroes

It’s been four days since the big announcement and trailer release and I’m still giddy with excitement over Knights of the Fallen Empire.

In an interview with Polygon and in a post on the forums, we learned a little bit about our fates, as well as the fates of our companions, going into Knights of the Fallen Empire.

I will leave it spoiler free for now.

All of it has inspired me to delve into what might have happened to each of the eight heroes after the great war. With the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire defeated and in shambles, the repercussions for each hero type varies greatly.

A trooper without a military. A Dark Council member without an Empire to rule. A smuggler in a post-war torn galaxy where supplies are in great need. A bounty hunter in a target rich environment of the galaxy’s most-wanted wartime traitors. A Knight at odds with the Jedi Order.

The possibilities are endless, and in the coming days I will explore the possible fates of each of these heroes. The first article, KOTFE: The Fate of the Smuggler will be released tomorrow.

See you then and thanks for reading.