Patch 6.2 – My Hunter

Patch day is here, which means in a few hours we’ll have a whole slew of new content to conquer. A new questing zone, a new raid, and new gear. All arriving just as many of us are departing for the Summer. I kid, but not really.

So Hunters have changed again. Not drastically mind you, but there is some housekeeping that I will need to tend to before stepping into Hellfire Citadel this evening.

In Patch 6.1 my two specs were Beast Mastery and Survival, and Survival was only there because I needed something for a second spec. I ran Beast Mastery the whole time, and I was all in. I had fever flare fever with Mastery and Haste on everything I could get.

For Hellfire Citadel, I’ll be Beast Mastery and Marksmanship, and this time I’ll actually use both. As I get new gear, especially the tier, I’ll lean more towards Marksmanship than Beast Mastery.

On our last podcast, we talked about going Marksmanship right out of the gate, but my gear and stats are all geared towards Beast Mastery, so that’s where I’m going to stay until I get a few new pieces.

Aspect of the Fox is gone, so that’s a free spot on my toolbar. I’m curious to see how many people in my raid realize that Fox is gone. I suspect not many.

I’m looking forward to playing Marksmanship again, especially since Focusing Shot will be a good talent option with the tier gear. I really don’t like playing without a pet.

Speaking of pets there are several new ones to tame. The green Fel Wolf from the new taming challenge is definitely on my list. The Iron Horde Wolf, and Hulking Diretusk are on my tame list as well. My stable is completely full though, and I’m finding fewer pets that I want to abandon. I’ll find a way to fit them in.

That’s my Hunter in Patch 6.2. Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and a few additions to the stable. While you wait for the realms to come back online, I recommend you listen to Episode 219 of the Hunting Party Podcast for some additional tips for Patch 6.2.