I’m Moving

I wanted to let you guys know that from now on all of my SWTOR posts will be made over at my other blog, The Brew Hall. I’ve decided to consolidate everything I’m doing into one place, and I think I’ve got a good way to keep things segregated so that you can access only the content that you want; or at least find it easily. If you’re not interested in WoW or my other stuff, you shouldn’t have to wade through it all to find my SWTOR posts.

I’ll keep this site running for a couple of months, and then I’ll import everything over to the Brew Hall, and shut this one down. If you subscribe to my RSS feed it should continue work. It’ll pull from the new site, but you’ll probably lose what’s in there currently.

I don’t have any SWTOR posts up there yet, but do have a couple of things planned for this week. This is the direct link to where you’ll find SWTOR content on the Brew Hall – SWTOR on the Brew Hall.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your patience as I make this transition.


        1. No waiting in vain – http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheCantina

          That should work. There should be five items in it. It will include all SWTOR specific posts and anything I categorize as “News and Updates”. The news is just general info. about the site for people to know.

          Try that and let me know if you have issues.

  1. Ahh, bit of a shame from my point of view, because I love blog segregation myself (for both reading and writing convenience :P). Also, from my experience blogger’s blogroll doesn’t play nice with category feeds, meaning it will probably be all or nothing in the future. We’ll see how it works I guess.

    1. It’s a bit of risk I know. It was getting harder to manage everything, and there was some stuff that I felt applied to multiple audiences, or that I at least wanted to let multiple groups know about, so I decided to make the change.

      Fingers crossed.

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