Pardon the Dust

As you can see I’ve made some changes to the site. This is more than just cosmetic. I’m consolidating and expanding the scope of this site.

All of the content you’ll start to see here is stuff I’m doing already in other places. I just decided to bring it all under one roof, and in a way that allows you to pick and choose what you wish to read and listen to.

The topics I’ll cover here are,

  • World of Warcraft and Hunters
  • The Hunting Party Podcast
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Star Wars / The Cantina Cast

Each topic has its own section on the site and I have individual RSS feeds (see the sidebar) for each area so that you can subscribe to only the topics that interest you.

Each topic will have its own section on the front page where you will see the most recent posts. There is also a menu with links to access the latest posts for each topic.

I see this only as a positive thing, and I hope you do as well. I hope you are interested in everything that’s here, but that’s okay if you’re not. I designed it such that you don’t have to sift through content that doesn’t interest you to find what you need.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support of The Brew Hall. I truly appreciate it.


  1. Is there anywhere to download episodes 100 +200 ? I lost them when my computer crashed and really want to keep them for posterity.

    And, thx sooo much for getting the new crew together!

    Really enjoying all of them.
    Will always miss Euripides tho for sure.

    1. I really want my namesake grandson to listen to them and these new ones someday and know me better by what i love.

      He is only five and already is an amazing gamer.

      I mean really. HOTSis in his wheelhouse

      1. My long-term goal is to load all of the old episodes on youtube. That’s going to take some time, and I have no ETA for that. For now you can still find them on Euripides old OutDPS blog.

        Episodes 1-200 are all there. Minus the ones lot to the Nether of course.

        Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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