My First Cantina Tour… Sort Of

I attended my first Cantina Tour, which is to say I showed up horribly late and missed all of the good stuff. It was held on Saturday evening of Star Wars Celebration and there was just so  much other stuff going on. I had to choose between the Cantina Tour or podcasting with the Cantina Cast. I prioritized the latter but tried to do both.

When I did get to the tour it was after all of the announcements and presentations. I did manage to have a few cocktails and even ran into a guildmate and met a few the BioWare folks, both old and new.

I’m told this was one of the larger turnouts, and it looked like quite the shindig. I’m hoping they make it to Washington, D.C. someday as I’d love to attend another one, and this time be there for all the good stuff.

In case you missed any of it, Dulfy has the live stream on her Youtube page.