It’s Crystal Clear to Me Now

If you read yesterday’s Monday Musings post then you saw this brilliant method I devised for creating a cheap and endless supply of color crystals for the arsenal of companions weapons that you will be collecting throughout this expansion. If you’re at all like me and have one of each class and a full compliment of eight companions on each, well that’s 128 crystals that you’ll need. That’s a lot.

My method was simple. Get a cheap Cartel Mark crystal and add it to your account collection for the low price of 60 cc. Some crystals cost a lot more coins to add to a collection, so you can’t grab any random one. The Eviscerating, which give +crit, are reliably cheap to purchase and cheap to add to a collection. Never mind all that though, there’s a smarter way to go about this, which I’ll explain.

Remember in yesterday’s post how I said Sgt. Geiz is an idiot and that he rubs off on those around him? Well to paraphrase George Costanza, “a little respect please, for I am Darkbrew, Lord of the Idiots.” 

What I discovered this morning, is something that I suspect all of you already know. When you use a Cartel Market crystal, it’s automatically added to that character’s collection, meaning that character can generate one at any time.

Since the companion weapons are legacy, you can just send the weapon to the character who owns the crystal, pop it in the weapon and send it to the character who needs it. This works for any legacy weapon by the way and isn’t just a companion thing.

What this means is you can get a Cartel Market crystal of any stat you want, and effectively have it be added to your account collection, without actually adding it your account collection.

Is this an exploit? Is this above board? Is this intended? Is it too good be true? It’s certainly too good be true, and it’s also not an exploit.

 Eric Musco

Correct, using a Legacy Weapon to move a Color Crystal which you pulled down from your Collections UI is not an exploit. This is the case because there is no way to manipulate the system to allow for a large amount of credit gain as there was prior to 2.1.0b.

So other than paying mucho credits to get the color and stats that you want, you don’t have to break the bank getting crystals for all of those companion weapons.

Who knew? I’m guessing you!