Monday Musings: Sgt. Jung Dead. Blast It.

Two more level 60’s this week – Jedi Knight and Trooper. I have my Smuggler and Jedi Counselor remaining, but I’ve already started the daily grind.

  • This bumps my total of level 60 characters to six – Mercenary, Marauder, Sniper, Sorcerer, Sentinel and Commando.
  • I never know whether to refer to my characters by their class or advanced class.
  • WoW has similar issues in terms of Class and Spec, but it doesn’t seem nearly as confusing.
  • I think that’s because I always refer to my WoW character by class. I’m a Hunter. Sometimes I’ll say that I’m specc’ed Beast Mastery or Survival, but I always refer to him as a Hunter.
  • If I’m going to raid, I always say that I’m going to bring my Hunter.
  • In SWTOR it doesn’t make sense to say I’m going to bring my Bounty Hunter or Jedi Knight. You really need to say that you’re bringing your Mercenary or Sentinel.
  • It’s more fun to say I’m a Bounty Hunter or Jedi Knight though.
  • Even referring to you characters by Advanced Class isn’t enough. There are so many hybrids that you also have to refer to them by role.
  • For me that’s easy. I always play DPS. That’s a post for another day. Enough digressing.
  • I mentioned the daily grind at the outset.
  • Six characters is a lot to be doing dailies, and I don’t do them every day on every character.
  • I’m sure there are people that do that, but that’s insane. I’ll burn out in five seconds if I attempt that.
  • I will do the weekly quest on each toon. That companion gear is too good to pass up.
  • I love that I can get a full set of 192 gear for my companions.
  • I like to run around with different companions. Treek and HK-51 are awesome, but I like to change it up once in a while.
  • Now the companion gear you get is Legacy so you can pass it between toons.
  • I considered using one or two toons to get sets for other characters, but that would be a nightmare.
  • Seriously, I started a spreadsheet to track which gear I had, and what I still needed.
  • I’ve since abandoned it because the maintenance was unmanageable.
  • I’ve decided each character to his own. Besides I don’t need to get every companion geared up all at once. I don’t mind waiting several weeks to collect everything.
  • The only downside to the companion gear is that it’s not moddable.
  • I like creating cool looks for my favorite companions, and you can’t do that with this gear.
  • I understand why. You’d have to put in rules that prevented you from created a set of 192 gear for yourself.
  • Still, I like to outfit my favorite companions with a look that suits them or compliments my look.
  • If you’re favorite companions are droids, or Blizz, or Khem Val or Treek then this is the best gear ever.
  • You can only alter the look of those companions with customization kits.
  • I noticed the companion weapons don’t come with color crystals, and you need a crystal for the both the main and off-hand weapons.
  • My solution to this was to buy a cheap cartel market Eviscerating crystal and add it to my collection
  • You see, some of the Eviscerating crystals can be added to your collection for a mere 60 coins. That’s practically nothing.
  • I got a Mint- Green Eviscerating crystal from the GTN for 100K credits and then added it to my collection for 60 coins.
  • Now when I get a new companion weapon I can add a crystal for free.
  • If you care about min/maxing stats and/or the color of blaster bolts and lightsabers you can always get a better crystal, but this was cheap to way to always have and end-game crystal when I needed it.
  • Now as mentioned I’m doing the daily grind on Yavin IV.
  • The quests are well organized and take about an hour to do.
  • I’m guessing about half of that time is spent scavenging stuff.
  • There are plants, metal, crystals and slicing boxes everywhere.
  • I’m addicted to gathering and it takes a lot for me to pass up a node.
  • I love doing the dailies with a slicing toon. I make about 60K extra per daily run.
  • I mentioned that scavenging slows me down. The other thing that slows me down are quest bottlenecks.
  • BioWare still hasn’t figured that players hate these, and they keep introducing them.
  • There is a bonus quest to kill ten Revanite droids. I never complete this one, as there are never enough droids to do it efficiently.
  • Lack of mobs to kill is an unnecessary bottleneck.
  • The quest to kill the Revanite commanders is another one I don’t like. You have to use your macrobinoculars and then destroy a panel to spawn the quest mobs.
  • There’s always somebody doing it and you inevitably have to wait because no one wants to group, and it takes a few minutes for the panel to respawn.
  • Slow respawns is another unnecessary quest bottleneck.
  • The perimeter quest is another one I don’t like. Not because of bottlenecks, but because it’s a lot of running around. There are also tons of nodes to farm in the area of this quest so it’s really slow going.
  • I also do that quest last. In fact I start at the Temple and work my way back.
  • I finish with the perimeter quest and then quick travel to turn them all in.
  • It’s at this point that I usually discover that I haven’t turned in the Stoneray quest to Sgt. Geiz.
  • Sgt. Geiz is an idot by the way. I’ve talked about him before.
  • He’s a soldier that thought he was a biologist.
  • I don’t know if he’s a good soldier, but he was a terrible biologist.
  • For a long time he didn’t consider the Cave Stonerays to be actual Stonerays and wouldn’t give you credit for killing them.
  • He’s since seen the error of his ways, and yet he still stands outside the cave.
  • You have to understand that he’s pretty afraid of the Stonerays. Now when he didn’t know the ones in the cave were actual Stonerays I could understand why he’d sit outside the cave. But now he knows they’re Stonerays.
  • I imagine the Cave Stonerays would want to leave the cave every now and then, and I’m pretty sure that means flying out the cave entrance right by where he’s standing.
  • See, he’s an idiot, and he rubs off on people, and as such I often forget to turn in his quest.
  • The last quest I want to take about is the solo fight with Revan. I hate it.
  • I’m probably just doing it wrong, so tips are welcome.
  • I find that I spend most of the fight knocked down, stunned, and knocked back.
  • I can barely complete a single rotation sequence without getting interrupted.
  • I usually focus on interrupting Revan’s twin-saber throw. I really hate that one.
  • Even with preventing a few of those, I still get tossed about like a rag doll.
  • I know a lot of people like the fight, but I just find it annoying.
  • I really just hate getting interrupted and knocked back by quest NPC’s.
  • The one exception to this are the Revanite Overseers. They have an ability call the Durasteel Punch.
  • If you haven’t let yourself get hit by one of these you really should.
  • It’s an over the top knockback that will send you half way across the Temple courtyard.
  • I’ll go out of my way to try and prevent one from getting off, but I don’t mind if one happens to slip through. It’s ridiculous, but brings a smile to may face every time.
  • Finally, I’ve stopped listening to the daily quest voice dialog. I just turn in the quest and then rocket boost out of listening range.
  • The only exception is Major Tso. He’s the one that says “Sgt. Jung dead. Blast it”.
  • I don’t know what my fascination with that one is. Maybe it’s because I’m 99% sure it’s voiced by Robert Pine who did the voice for Master Orgus Din in the Jedi Knight story. I like that character.
  • He’s also well know for playing the Sgt. on CHiPs, a show I watched as a kid.
  • Well that’s it for this week. I’m off to see if I can Jedi mind trick a Revanite Overseer into delivering Revan one of those Durasteel punches.

May the Force Be With You!

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  1. I hate the Revan weekly too! I have a whole post on that coming up.

    And my favourite daily quest giver is that Sith Lord who asks you to kill the commanders. When you hand in to him as a Republic character, he says something like: “Marvellous, I hope we can celebrate together before the knives have to come out again.” Love it.

    1. I just did my first set of dailies on the Pub side and noticed that. I like how they have slight differences like that for Imp. and Pub.

      Oh, and ignore what I wrote about the crystals, I realized this morning that with legacy weapons you can get a crystal on a single toon, and then pass that along to any toon you want. No need to spend the 60 cc coins or restrict yourself to a cheap Eviscerating. But you probably knew this already 🙂

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