Monday Musings: Here We Go Again

My resolution to blog more about about SWTOR? Yeah, I just might achieve it. I’ve been spending time leveling up various characters and reacclimating myself to the game. In the couple of weeks that I’ve been back here are some things I’ve noticed.

  • I’ve leveled three toons to 60 now – Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent.
  • The Sith Warrior was my least favorite.
  • I only chose to level him because he’s my only character with the Artifice Crew Skill.
  • This time Artificers can craft the level 192 relics, and since I’m not running Operations yet, I could use those.
  • This meant I had to level my Sith Warrior, which was my least favorite.
  • He’s my least favorite in part because his gear sucked. He’s 60 and still has level 20 relics equipped. No joke.
  • He’s my least favorite in part because his companions’ gear also sucks. We’re talking mid level 45 gear on most of them.
  • He’s also my least favorite because I have no clue how to play him. I just mash buttons, and prioritize hitting the glowing ones.
  • Given that I have no clue how to play him, and that his companions have crappy gear, I did surprising well while leveling. Only a couple of deaths that I can remember.
  • My Warrior of course got good gear as he leveled, but that did not help my companions.
  • I chose to level with Quinn because he was a healer. I don’t have HK-51 or Treek on my Warrior.
  • The problem with Quinn is he doesn’t share gear with my Warrior.
  • In retrospect I should have leveled with Jaesa and given her my gear as I upgraded.
  • This is something I’ll fix when I get to my Jedi Knight.
  • I did not have this problem on my Bounty Hunter mostly because he was in 180 gear and his companion was in 168.
  • My Bounty Hunter is a Mercenary and I leveled him using Gault.
  • I play well enough on most toons such that I don’t need a healer all the time, so I like to play with my favorites.
  • Gault is definitely a favorite. If you’re in the market to level a Bounty Hunter I highly recommend that you use Gault throughout the story. It’s very entertaining.
  • I hit 60 on my Imperial Agent last night.
  • The IA was my first character. I thought he’d be my main, but I like the Mercenary better.
  • One of the turn-offs with the Sniper was cover.
  • I noticed that a lot of my IA’s abilities can now be fired out of cover. When did this happen?
  • My reflex of course is to always enter cover, but I like the fact that I can DPS out of cover.
  • I’m not sure how big a fan of this my healers will be when I start running Ops.
  • I leveled up using Dr. Loken as my companion.
  • I used him in healer mode, but I may start to use him more in DPS mode.
  • If you’ve never used him as DPS, he turns into a Rakghoul.
  • The other IA companion I like to use is Ensign Raina Temple. She’s a Force wielder that uses blasters.
  • How uncivilized.
  • Both Loken and Temple share the same gear as my IA. I’m a big fan of this.
  • It makes it so easy to give them hand-me-downs and have decently geared companions.
  • Of course the best class in this regard is the Trooper. All of their companions use heavy armor and have Aim as their primary stat.
  • All of his except the droid.
  • I’ll save my thoughts on droid gearing for another day though. Spoiler alert – I’m not a fan of how it works.
  • BioWare did a really good job providing gear for characters as they leveled up through Shadow of Revan.
  • Of course if they just gave us a GSI battle droid to level with we wouldn’t need any gear or companions.
  • I’m hoping that BioWare adds an HK-51 customization kit that will make him look like a GSI droid.
  • Even if he’s not an actual GSI droid, enemies will run away in fear at just the thought that he might be one.
  • Seriously, if the GSI ever decide to take over the Galaxy we’re all finished.
  • On that note, I’ll call it day.


  1. I think it’s funny that you levelled your Sith warrior to craft relics… while complaining that he has terrible relics. 😉 And you couldn’t have shared gear with Jaesa because she wears light armour (with willpower on). You could have shared with Broonmark though.

    Anyway, I only just found your blog but added it to my blog roll now. Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Thank you, and I enjoy reading your blog. I’ll try to get a blogroll going on here soon, and will definitely add you.

  2. I hate to break it to you, but the Sith Inquisitor is the one with Artifice efficiency. 😛
    I just discovered your blog today, and I like it!

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