Meanwhile… Beast Mastery Gets Buffed

In case you missed it Beast Mastery got buffed this week.

  • Mastery: Master of Beasts’ effects have been increased by 12.5%.

There was also a change to Haste that benefits all classes.

  • The Haste stat is now 11.1% more effective. For example, characters at level 100 now receive a 1% increase per 90 Haste (up from 1% per 100 Haste).

The big boost to Beast Mastery is of course the Mastery change, but the Haste boost doesn’t hurt.

All Hunter specs are in a good place right now, and the buff doesn’t make BM all powerful, although it does it make the best Hunter spec for AoE by far. This is not insignificant as a number of the encounters in Blackrock Foundry require good AoE DPS. Even though it many not be the top single target spec, you’ll probably be utilizing it on many encounters in the next raid.

One other thing to note is this makes Mastery a more powerful stat for Beast Mastery, but I don’t know if it becomes the number one secondary stat, so don’t dump that Multistrike just yet.

We do have a podcast this week, so be sure tune in as we sort all of this out with entire gang and special guest RogerBrown.