Patch 6.1, RoBro, Highmaul High Jinx

Patch 6.1 is on its way to the PTR. You may have seen a whole list of changes for Hunters that make is sound like we’ll be powerful enough to one-shot Gul’dan on our own. Don’t be fooled, these are just tooltip changes to synch them up with what’s already in game. That awesomeness you’re reading? Yeah, you’re living it today.

The one change that is real is the battle rez update. Currently, when one of your raid member stands in the stupid and dies,  your pet has to be within 20 yards of the corpse to bring them back to life. In 6.1, the battle rez will have a 40 yard range making it infinitely more easy to rez. That’s something I certainly could have used in raid this past week.

Thanks to Artemishowl who brought the need for this change up to Celestalon during Blizzcon. There’s a reason why she was good choice to take over the WHU, and be a host on the podcast. Regarding the podcast, our next episode is scheduled for January 18th, and will feature RogerBrown as our guest.

RoBro has appeared on the podcast many times before, including episode 200, and I look forward to talking to him again. He and Artemishowl can trade stories on what it was like to participate in the Highmaul race for world first.

Finally this week, my Highmaul mission became available. There are four Highmaul missions. On two of the four I’m able to counter all six boss abilities. The other two are at five of six. I got one of the five of six missions this week. hmaulmission My best lineup gave me a 90% chance of success. All three followers have a 654 ilvl, and all three have epic mounts. I’ve heard of people failing these at 96% and higher, so 90% is no guarantee by any means.

The epic mounts reduced the mission time to one hour, so at least I didn’t have to wait long for the bad news. Fortunately things worked out, and not only was the mission a success, but I actually got an item that I needed.

I’m glad my 90% chance worked out, and this follower mini-game is my current obsession. My goal is to get all my Highmaul missions at a 100% success rate. I’ve got six followers that I’m leveling that can counter one of the abilities that other followers cannot. There’s still hope that they’ll pick up the ability to counter one of the other abilities and fill the third slot in those missions. A few of these followers will max level by the time my next Highmaul mission becomes available. Maybe by then it’ll be a Mythic.