A Thorim in My Side

Last week I wrote about how I was attempting to farm the black Scourgestalkers transmog set from 10-man Ulduar. The stumbling block for most players is Thorim. Thorim will become solo friendly in patch 6.0, but until them you have to gimmick the fight to do it alone.

Bendak from Eyes of the Beast wrote a nice guide in the comments of the post, and I put it to work, successfully defeating Thorim. Here’s a video I put together demonstrating how to solo Thorim as a Hunter. Before you dive in, I want to clarify a couple of things from the video.

  1. The Worgen sprint racial is more than adequate to do the encounter. I did it on my Worgen who does not have Engineering.
  2. I don’t recommend dismissing your pet. Just put him on passive. You get a lot of healing from Animal Bond. You should be at full health by the time you have to face Thorim.
  3. Getting the right trap placement for the Dark Rune Alcolyte can be tricky. See if you can get a smoke bomb or some other type of marker to assist you.


  1. Thanks for the clear guide! Been meaning to try to farm for yogg-0 mount as a “to-do” before WoD… Thorim was my stumbling point…

  2. Great video! I almost had it yesterday…failed to pick up the Acolyte. Should be able to finish that up tonight.

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