Bears. Why’d it have to be Bears?

Celestalon gave us some good information on the new Survival ability Bear Trap. Many of us were hoping that it would be a DPS cooldown, and indeed it is.

It’s a trap, it’s a DoT and it’s a root. Celestalon was quick to allay fears that the benefit of a root was negated due to entrapment.  

My first reaction was instead of Bear Trap, why not just re-engineer Snake Trap? Increase it’s damage, and have it do a poison DoT instead of a bleed. Seems like that would have been a lot less work, and would have been a good fit for Survival. Celestalon addressed this as well.

I’m not sure what the upside of having your big DPS cooldown unaffected your spec’s mastery is, but there’s a lot we don’t know about Warlords of Draenor yet. Bendak surmised that maybe new stats like Readiness and Multi-strike factored into making this a physical DPS DoT. You can read his post here.

It’s still early in testing and this is a new ability that could go through some changes before all is said and done. It’s definitely not as conventional as a basic shot. It’s a trap that you can launch or place on the ground. If your target is moving there is a risk you could mistime the launch and miss the target. On the other hand it may allows us to strategically plan some DPS.

It should provide Survival with some much needed burst, making it a very attractive spec in Warlords of Draenor.


  1. There are some serious downsides to it being a trap. It has to be place correctly to activate or you loose a lot of damage. I you use traplauncher you also loose time.

    However, if it behaves like other traps you can place it before a fight starts and start the cooldown on it, which means you may be able to use an extra bear-trap per fight.

    We’ll have to see how it works out but it will probably be the cooldown which requires the most “skill” to use optimally.

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