Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

I’m struggling to find things to do in-game these days. Sure, there’s stuff I could do, but not much that I feel like doing. I’m done leveling characters, finishing Mists with six Hunters, a Druid and a Shaman. Three of the toons I leveled from 1-90 this expansion.

What I have set my sights on is getting a transmog set for Darkbrew and my Worgen Hunter. Bendak from Eyes of the Beast posted about the Black Scourgestalker set. I find that it’s just savage enough to take into Warlords of Draenor.

The challenge in getting this set is Thorim. He’s virtually impossible to solo, and you can’t get to Yogg without killing him. Unless you can figure out how to defeat him you won’t be able to get the belt and legs for this set. There are some tricks to get Thorim, but it’s definitely hard to execute, and not something I’ve been able to do. You’re best bet is to recruit a friend to help with that one fight. The other stuff is cake at level 90.

So how have I fared after two weeks? Darkbrew has gotten,

I still have Thorim and Yogg to defeat this week on Dark, so there’s a chance for two more drops. My Worgen cleared to Thorim last week and has killed Yogg this week and has gotten, wait for it, ZERO pieces. I point this out because I think this set looks better on the Worgen than the dwarf.

It should be noted that Thorim will become solo friendly in a future patch, but I want the set before that.


  1. Thorim is tricky, but easy once you pull it off the first time. Engineering helps a lot for the nitro boosts, but Posthaste would probably do it as well. I’ll try to sum this up as quickly as possible:

    1. Enter the main room. Notice where the large dwarf is standing (closest to Thorim). Remember that spot.
    2. Stand by the lever and kill everything. As soon as its all dead, click the level immediately.
    3. Run inside and engage the first door guardian (big guy) but do not kill it! Take off your legendary cloak! As soon as you shoot it, immediately run back to the starting room. This is where nitro boosts or posthaste helps. You need to get there before the ball of death catches you.
    4. Outside in the starting room, place an explosive trap where the adds spawn and a snake trap where the dwarf spawns (or vice versa) — reason being the dwarf isn’t linked to the other trash.
    5. Once the ball of death is finished and your traps are down, run back into the hallway before the door closes again (the big door guardian should still be attacking you).
    6. Wait inside. Once the boss resets your traps should aggro the newly spawned adds. They’ll run through the gate to you.
    7. Train everything (door guardian should still be alive) to the first door, then kill the guardian to open the door.
    8. Make your way up to Thorim with your train of adds, but don’t get too close to Thorim. You basically want to stop around 30-40 yards away from him (on the left or right edge of the circle on the ground, facing thorim).
    9. Kill all the adds. As soon as Sif starts talking, fire a shot at Thorim and disengage out of there back onto the starting area where the adds were.
    10. Thorim jumps down and you win.

    1. That’s a great summary. I’ve tried some of that. I’ll keep at. I have engineering on Darkbrew, but not on my Worgen, but he does have sprint.

    2. To add to that, if you have trouble aggroing the respawned adds with traps, just leave your pet in the arena and let it aggro all adds, you can even give it orders through the door. The only downside is that you have to let it die, so take off some armor pieces to make the process faster,

  2. I was just thinking that the heroic SoO hunter set is just too… shiny? happy? Gold and blue… meh. Not cut out for warlords. I recently moved one of my other hunters to the tier 7.5 v. cryptstalker, which I like, and does ok with garrosh’s warbow. I think it’ll be great in warlords.

    Though, for meeting the iron horde I’ve been considering just sticking with the grevious horde set / prideful ally set.

    1. I like the looks of the current tier set, but I’m tired of the Mists looks in general for now.

      1. Just saw your pic of the Prideful set. That’s a pretty sweet set, that would look perfectly fine in WoD.

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