Podcast Redux: What Next?

It’s Wednesday, and if it’s Wednesday then that means it’s Podcast Redux time. My weekly column where I pick something from last week’s podcast and ruminate on it a bit further. Now I know what you’re thinking. Um, Darkbrew? You do realize that there’s a pile-O’ Hunter and patch 5.4 news out there right? Indeed I do, and I’ll write about that tomorrow. If you’re truly itching for some news, here’s a little scratch.

Patch 5.4 will go live on August 27, 2013. Rejoice! Hunters also got some buffs on the latest PTR. If you’ve read MMO-Champion then you probably noticed Kill Command changes for BM, SV and MM. It’s a lie, which is to say Kill Command got buffed, but it’s still BM only. I confirmed this by logging onto the PTR. Come back tomorrow for the rest of the news, but now onto podcast stuff.

Episode 181 will forever be remembered as the sad episode. No amount of shenanigans by Michele Morrow could overcome the sadness of saying farewell to Frostheim. It wasn’t until I began editing that episode that it truly began to sink in that he wasn’t coming back, and the podcast had been irrevocably changed. While it will never be quite the same, we said goodbye to Frost and not goodbye to the podcast. The show will go on.

Just because Frost is gone doesn’t mean the numbers discussions will stop. We’re aiming to have the folks from Ask Mr. Robot back on the show to talk about 5.4. Zeherah was our first ever guest and will always be a friend of show, so we’ll try and get her on to fill in those theory crafting gaps left by Frost. Also, patch 5.4 brings a new raid season, so as always we’ll try and find a Hunter or two from the top raiding guilds to talk about the new raid tier.

Now that I’ve told you the show will go on, I don’t know if there will be a podcast this weekend. I’m 90% certain I won’t be able to make it, but if Euri, Arth and Ali are available then there will be a show.

As always, thanks for listening and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager.