Cut The Chatter: One GTN


Cut the Chatter – bringing you your weekly dose of commentary on the “intelligent” and “insightful” things that your fellow players are talking about in general chat.

A long time ago in an Old Republic far, far away, there used to exist multiple and independent Galactic Trade Networks (GTN). The Empire had one, the Republic had one, and so did the Hutts. Then one day the developers got smart and decided to consolidate everything into a single GTN. That meant no matter what GTN terminal you went to you, you would be searching everything put up for sale in the entire Galaxy. Some folks have been a little slow to catch on.


I love the fact that he thought he made a really good score by buying cheap from the Empire and then selling high to the Republic. I’m guessing he’s probably a Smuggler 😉

Now the good news for this particular player is the only harm he caused himself was the unnecessary pain of logging into different toons checking the GTN, and mailing stuff back and forth. In the end he made around 500,000 by buying low and selling high, which by the way, is a perfectly legitimate way to make credits off of the GTN.

Just a few minutes searching the GTN and you’ll find brand name fashions at thrift store prices, which you can then sell for brand name prices.


May the Force Be With You!