It’s a Bad Week to be a Fugitive

It’s Bounty Contract Week folks! This is a new one-week event that will occur monthly, and it starts today. You don’t even have to be a Bounty Hunter to participate. Although, why you wouldn’t want to be a Mercenary is beyond me. Even those Commandos are jelly of our Death From Above.

You’ll start the event by doing Henchman quests at one a day per character. Once a character has completed five Henchman quests you’ll be able to start doing Kingpin quests. Like Henchman quests, you can only do on Kingpin quest per day. Since this is a recurring event with a reputation tied to it, don’t expect to become Boba Fett overnight, or even in one week, especially if you’re only doing this on one character. You’re best bet it to immerse yourself in this event with any and every available character. Do different missions with each so you are maximizing rep and achievements. But again, expect it to take several events before you max out your rep.

The event offers some nice, but expensive rewards. They are tied to reputation so even if you are as wealthy as a Hutt you won’t be able to purchase everything until you have the required rep. The two items I’m most looking forward to are the Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine and the BH-7X speeder. The blaster requires Friend rep, and the speeder requires Champion. Two blasters and a speeder will cost you 1.2 million.

Here are two videos from Dulfy of these items in action.

SWTOR BH-7X Custom Hunter speeder (BBA reputation rewards)


SWTOR Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine (BBA reputation reward)