Blizzcon 2013

Blizzard announced today that the next Blizzcon will be held on November 8-9th 2013. I have never attended a Blizzcon and probably won’t try to go to this one, although I love the idea of doing a live Hunting Party Podcast from the event.

As we all know, Blizzard loves to announce big things at this event and I suspect this year will be fraught with major news. I would expect an update on the Warcraft movie, information about the next WoW expansion, and plans for WoW’s 10th anniversary in 2014. The big announcement that seems long overdue is Titan. What exactly is it, and will this be the WoW killer? Something I think we all want to know. Maybe this Blizzcon will shed some light for us.

I definitely would love to hear what Titan is all about, but I also want to know about the next expansion (return of the Burning Legion?) and all the cool things they have in store for the Hunter Class.

So what do you want to see announced at Blizzcon, xpac, Titan, Hunter changes?

3 Comments on “Blizzcon 2013”

  1. I’d really like to see the following
    “World of Warcraft is at it’s best when your playing, killing and of dying together. Until now there has been an artificial barrier preventing US and EU players from standing side by side or indeed toe too toe. Well…………………..from midnight tonight the transatlantic party is ON”

    Then I could join the WHU Guild and be happy Hunter.

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