Powershot and Glaive Toss Fixed

I saw the following item in the most recent PTR patch notes.

Targeting for Powershot and Glaive Toss has been improved. These abilities will now always hit the primary target and are much more responsive about which secondary targets they hit.

So it looks like the fix for these abilities will indeed be part of patch 5.2. The fix should be more noticeable among players who use Powershot in PvP.

Glaive Toss tends to be the purview of PvE, and I don’t know that there have been too many complaints from players regarding it’s functionality in raids. In other words, just know that it’s working, but don’t expect to see a huge increase in DPS or performance as a result.

One comment

  1. I know it says thatPosted Image Dire Beast summons a beast to attack the target for 15 seconds. Each time the beast deals damage, you gain 5 Focus. is a bigger dps gain overPosted Image Thrill of the Hunt gives you a 30% chance to reduce the Focus cost of your next 3 Posted Image Arcane Shots or Posted Image Multi-Shots by 20, each time you use an attack that costs Focus. but it would seem to me that getting 3 free arcane shots or 3 free multi shots for aoeing on every proc plus what ever arcane shots u have to dump focus would seem like such a boon in our dps expecially,as a MM hunter am i mssing something ..

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