The Dark Side is Cooler

Let’s face it in most MMOs if a quest giver asks you to bring him the head of Alfredo Garcia, then you either bring him that head, or you don’t complete the quest. SWTOR is going to give us options, but despite being able to cut poor Alfredo a break, sometimes being bad is good.

To demonstrate let me grab my Dallas Dickinson sock puppet (the one with the beard). Seriously, if one of these had been included in the Collector’s Edition it would’ve sold millions. Millions I tell ya! But I digress. /attach sock-puppet.

“Hi I’m Dallas Dickinson, Director of Production on Star Wars: The Old Republic, the new story-driven MMO from BioWare and Lucas Arts. Today we’re going to look at the light side and dark side points system available in the game.

As your character encounters different situations you will be presented with choices. The choices you make will not only influence how the story plays out, but will impact how your companion characters, and perhaps other players, react to you as you progress in the game. In short, the choices you make matter. But rather than have me tell you about it, let’s see it in action.

Now in this scene we see a Smuggler name Han, and he’s having a confrontation with a Bounty Hunter name Greedo. Han owes Jabba the Hutt a lot of money, and Greedo is here to collect. At the end of the conversation, Han will be given a choice to make. Let’s see what he does.

Han chose the dark side option and shot Greedo unprovoked. Well played! In addition to some experience, he’s earned some dark side points and some major coolness points in my book.

What you’ve just watched is only a small part of a much larger story. To experience the whole story you’ll have to play the game. Thanks for watching, and we look forward to seeing you in the Old Republic.” /detach sock-puppet.

I don’t want my character to be an evil bastard, but I don’t want him to be boy scout either. I like the idea of having a choice, but I can’t help thinking the dark side will have a little more edge to it, and will win me over every time.

May the Force be with you!