All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Apparently the folks over at BioWare didn’t get the message that my wife would be out of town this weekend, and that I’d have boat loads of free time to test The Old Republic. Instead of sending out my beta invite they executed Order 66 on this week’s Beta Testing Weekend (You can read the full post here).

There is no Beta Testing Weekend scheduled for this weekend. There may be further Beta Testing Weekends during September, but we’re not going to guarantee it. The weekend that just finished was really our first dry run of Beta Testing Weekends as a whole, and we have plenty of data to crunch, and decisions to make before we start things up again.

Let’s just hope they get all the kinks worked out, and that this doesn’t delay whatever it is they have in mind for a release data. In the meantime it looks like I’ll just have to execute Order Pizza and watch the US Open and NFL football.

May the Force be with you!