We are Now Part of the Tribe

The fine folks over at the TORSyndicate were kind enough to let me into their ranks. For those who don’t know here’s what they’re all about –

TOR Syndicate is an organization for Star Wars: the Old Republic fan sites, podcasts, guilds, artists, writers and news sites, which was started to allow members the ability to pull from a much broader array of sites to supplement their own sites. Too pool their resources and get those sites involved in a community of authors, podcast hosts and guilds that they normally would not be involved directly with. Since its inception, the TORSyndicate has evolved into a Social Networking medium which allows sites who display one of our banners on their site, to have a place to come, chat with others, develop friendships, contacts and get feedback on projects, audio, video, blogs, and more, from a community of like minded people.

The Old Republic is probably at least a couple of months from release, and already it has a thriving online community. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like once the game launches.

Thanks again to the TORSyndicate, and may the Force be with you.