Preparing for Knights of the Fallen Empire

The wait is almost over and soon I’ll assume my role of the Outlander and prepare to take down Valkorian and his Eternal Empire (assuming I don’t choose to kneel and join forces with him).

Now before I undertake this legendary journey, like any great hero I must prepare. By prepare, I mean spend time performing mundane housekeeping tasks so I’m ready to hit the ground running. I’m pretty sure Luke tidied up his home before heading to Mos Eisley, right? Perhaps not, but I’m getting my Inventory organized nonetheless.

I swear cleaning up virtual houses is as torturous as cleaning one’s actual home. I have fifteen characters, a legacy cargo hold, and stuff scattered all over the place. Cartel items, companion gifts, crafting materials, BoP gear, BoE gear, legacy gear, a few major and minor XP boosts, and a ton of the other XP boosts that nobody wants.

It took several hours, but I consolidated and organized just about everything. My inventory is in a good state, and I can now focus on more entertaining aspects of the game.

I’ve created a pecking order for my characters and am now making sure I’ve completed Revan and Ziost on the one I want to bring through Knights. I’m also trying to wrap up companion stories as once you start Knights on a character you won’t be able to go back and complete those. I’m down to five companion stories; three on my Jedi Consular and two on my Sith Warrior.

The last item I’m focusing on is building outfits for my characters. I want to immerse myself in Knights of the Fallen Empire and one way to do that is with outfits that fit the different scenes in the story. In the Empire Strikes Back, Luke wore an X-Wing pilot outfit, snow gear, and a set of fatigues for his Jedi training. Why not look to do something similar in Knights of the Fallen Empire? The outfit designer makes it so easy to switch.

Knights of the Fallen Empire early access is only days away. I’m ready for you Valkorian. Bring it on!