All Aboard the KotFE Hype Train

On September 30, BioWare held a live stream for Knights of the Fallen Empire. When Eric Musco opened up with 45-minutes of Chapter One gameplay, my reaction was here we go again. Two hours of spoilers and no new information. Boy was I wrong. Very wrong.

After the gameplay demo, Eric Musco opened the floodgates with a deluge of information regarding system changes, quality of life changes and more. I pretty much summed up my thoughts about Knights of the Fallen Empire in this tweet.

There is a lot I’m looking forward to from the quality of life changes such as being able to search collections and easily find what you have collected. I’m also looking forward to the level synch where your level will be lowered to match the planet you’re on. Combine that with the Operations and Flashpoint changes and there is a ton of content that will be relevant at max level.

I’ll have more to say on specific changes in upcoming posts, but I’m very much onboard the KotFE train right now.