Starship Decorations

I was in-game and looking for something to do, so I decided I would acquire a starship or two to decorate my Yavin IV stronghold. I’ve really gotten into decorating the place and since it has two starship hooks why not grab a couple?

I headed over to speak with Captain Karu on the Vaiken Spacedock to see what the going rate was for an X70B Phantom and an XS Stock Light Freighter. The good captain was kind enough to inform me that for only five Dark Project MK-1 and five Universal Prefab MK-3 a ship could be mine. So ten if I wanted two ships. No big deal, right? RIGHT?

starships_meme, apparently it is a big deal to craft the items needed to purchase the decorations. The Dark Project MK-1 and Universal Prefab MK-3 require a bevy of rare materials from almost every mission skill in the game. Unless you’re a huge pack-rat or have heaps of Jawa Junk laying around, prepare to have your wallet pillaged if you want a starship decoration.

On the Shadowlands server, the total cost to purchase ten Dark Projects and ten Universal Prefabs was 2.86 million credits. No too bad considering crafting hoops one has to jump through to make the items.

While amazingly convenient I decided to first engage in an archeological dig of epic proportions and plunge the unordered depths of all 15 of my character’s inventory and cargo holds to see what treasures I might find.

After what seemed like hours of doing the login/logout send mail waltz, I was pleased to find that I had nearly all of the materials in my possession to make what I needed.

I filled the crafting materials gap by using some of my precious Jawa Junk that I’ve been saving for a moment like this. Oh, and to the poor sod who put 15 War Supplies on the GTN for 5,000 a piece, thank you, and I’m sorry.


Between the virtues of being a pack-rat, a heap of Jawa Junk and droid parts, combined with some crazy low prices on War Supplies I scored two starships for my Yavin IV Stronghold.

So yes, apparently one does simply go and acquire two starships when the mood strikes.