The Hybrid Approach

I’m leveling my sixth toon under 12x XP. Not all are level 60, but only two are not yet 55. This one as you might expect is in honor of the new Togruta species introduced in Game Update 3.3.

I’m very impressed with how Togruta came out. I gave Cathar a try rolling several toons with both male and female versions of that species, but I couldn’t bring myself to love any of them. This coming from a cat person, by the way.

Togruta on the other are very well done and have a nice variety of customization options. The range of contrasting skin colors is rather impressive, and their faces seem to convey moods that I haven’t noticed in other species. This is what I chose for my new Sith Inquisitor. Sith Inquisitors can be smug and arrogant, and I think my Togruta conveys that nicely.


As I mentioned, this is my sixth character that I’m leveling with the 12x XP bonus. Two were done right before Shadow of Revan, and the rest during this latest round.

The last two that I leveled were an Imperial Agent and a Republic Trooper. The IA was the first story I ever completed and I wanted to revisit it since it’s been almost four years. The Trooper was another I had only done one time, and there were some great moments that I wanted to experience again; the prolog, the corrupt Senator, and Agent Jaxo to name a few.

In all of those instances, my goal was to experience the story and level the characters quickly. For the most part, I enjoyed the experiences, but the journey felt like it was missing something.

The class stories are great, but there are other quests and stories that are equally good, and I felt bad skipping them over. This time I’m taking a more hybrid approach. I’m focusing on the class story, but I’m also taking the time to experience some of my other favorites. The Revanite quest on Dromund Kaas. The Tatooine planetary story. Battling it out with Thana Vesh on Taris. Freeing the Dread Masters on Belsavis. The Battle for Corellia.

Will it take longer to get to 60? Sure, but I’m hoping it will be a more enjoyable experience. If nothing else I should get a few more comms and gear to ease the gear gap as I plod along.

I’m also ready to declare the Sith Inquisitor story as my favorite. This is my third time through the story. There are so many things I like about it. It’s an underdog-ghost story-treasure hunt with a great cast of characters and a wonderful mix of humor. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to shock Khem Val every time he mentions Tulak Hord’s name.

Yes, that would make it perfect.


    1. Thanks. I really like the customization options they gave for Togruta. I’m happy with how she came out. She may quickly become one of my favorite toons.

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