A Fire Sale? Who Knew?

If you aren’t aware there is a pretty amazing sale going on in SWTOR right now. The cost to unlock outfits in your collection is discounted by 50%.

I don’t know when it started, or when it will end, but as of Monday, May 11th it is still going on.

I’d link you the post from BioWare announcing the sale, but there isn’t one. I heard about it on twitter and via this post by Master Liu from The Balance Force.

Let me get this straight. BioWare releases a great new feature in the Outfit Designer making it easy to create and swap outfits on your character. Then they release “super packs” like the Grand Nightlife Pack that have nothing but premium items including armor sets like Tulak Hord’s. Then they discount the cost to add those items to your collection by 50%, and they don’t advertise it at all. Not a single word.

There aren’t many things I’d shell out real money for in the Cartel Market, but discounted prices on adding items to my collection is darn near the top of the list.

I’m just glad I found out about it before it was too late. Here’s hoping you did too.

EDIT: The folks at SWTOR just tweeted that the discount ends tomorrow (5/12)