Episode 211: Play What You Want

This week DarkbrewDelirium and Bendak dive into Blackrock Foundry. We give our impressions on the bosses we’ve seen thus far and how we feel Hunters are faring.

We welcome Blizzard Watch and Bendak‘s new Locked and Loaded Hunter Column.

We take a look at the latest Hunter changes for Patch 6.1 and discuss how all three specs stack up against each other for single target and AoE.
Episode 212 is schedule for March 1st.
The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV. In addition to the live show you can find it at,

Episode 211: Play What You Want


  1. Hey guys, great podcast as always, love your casual chats about our first love, Hunters!

    Just a quick note regarding Multistrike and feasts and food buffs you talked about.

    If you use the equipment manager to equip a set of gear with Multistrike as your highest stat, when you eat the feast you will get MS buff, not Crit.

    Just make sure you remember to re-equip your raiding gear before the pull!

    Happy Hunting!

    Khuteh <3

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