Who’s Your Data?

Score one for the new gang at the Hunting Party Podcast. In our first two episodes back, we’ve sounded like a broken record complaining about Hunter DPS at both level 90 and 100.

Well, guess what? We were right, and Hunters should expect to see some improvement by the time we get to 100 and are ready to start raiding.

We weren’t the only ones raising the red the flag, but until now there was no sign that the devs believed what we were saying, and we felt destined to ride the bottom of the meters. I get that Sims don’t tell the full story, but folks like ArtemishowlSolarflairDeleriumBendak do more than just sim. They test the game. They participate in the raid boss testing, gather logs, confer with other players in the game (even some non Hunters), and they assess things based on that. Oh, and they’re not afraid to give feedback and challenge the developers’ assertions.

I’m not saying Artemishowl or any of us should take credit for incoming buffs, but you should feel good that despite the unhappy tenor regarding Hunters, we were justified in being a little whiny.

See you on October 26th for our next show!

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  1. Celestalon can say they are not ignoring hunters but they have been ignoring hunter feedback since the start of beta.

    Both Celestalon and Watcherdev have been dismissing any people who warned them or questioned dps balance based on simcraft results. Blizzard owes them both an apology and an explanation as to how they completely screwed up dps balance.

    More importantly they should start implementing changes to their development process so things like this cannot happen again as it makes them look like a bunch of amateurs.

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